Earl Warren's class of 2009 was one to remember. At Earl Warren we do something called "looping" in the intermediate grades. Basically, that means that the kids have the same teacher and classmates for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. This class is proof of just how successful it can be. Our class really took pride in excelling academically and other areas. These include technology, physical education, public speaking, citizenship, leadership, and having fun! Fantastic job Room 14!

Awards Through the Years

At Earl Warren, we celebrate our students' achievement with a very special medal assembly. This takes place at the beginning of each year, and students are awarded according to their STAR results from the year before. To earn a bronze medal, a student must move up into the basic category from a lower category. A silver medal is awarded for a proficient score. Finally, a gold medal is only awarded to students who reached the highest category which is advanced. It takes hard work and dedication to earn these honors.

4th Grade

Bronze: Ali (Math), Fernando (Math), & Paulina (ELA)

Silver: Alyssa (ELA & Math), Clemente (ELA), Evie (ELA), Mariah (ELA & Math), Miguel (ELA & Math), Osvaldo (Math), Patrick (ELA), Sharon (ELA & Math), Victoria (ELA & Math), & Viet (Math)

Gold: Anson (ELA & Math), Clemente (Math), Daniel (ELA & Math), Evie (Math), Ismenia (ELA & Math), Johnny (ELA & Math), Jorge (ELA & Math), Judy (ELA & Math), Kong (Math), Patrick (Math), & Viet (ELA)

5th Grade

Bronze: David (ELA), Paulina (Math), Shawn (ELA, Math & Science), & Vontae (ELA & Math)

Silver: Ali (Math), Clemente (ELA & Math), Darlene (Science), David (Math), Evie (Science), Ismenia (ELA), Johnny (ELA), Kristal (ELA, Math & Science), Mariah (ELA, Math & Science), Mark (Math & Science), Megan (ELA), Osvaldo (Math), Patrick (ELA & Science), Sharon (ELA, Math & Science), Victoria (ELA & Science), & Viet (Math & Science)

Gold: Anson (ELA, Math & Science), Caroline (ELA, Math & Science), Daniel (ELA, Math & Science), Darlene (ELA & Math), Evie (ELA & Math), Ismenia (Math), Johnny (Math & Science), Jorge (ELA, Math & Science), Judy (ELA, Math & Science), Kyri (Math), Megan (Math), Miguel (ELA, Math & Science), Patrick (Math), Victoria (Math), & Viet (ELA)

PERFECT 600 Math Score: Anson, Caroline, & Miguel

6th Grade

Bronze: Ali (ELA), & Kyri (ELA)

Silver: Alyssa (ELA & Math), Clemente (ELA), David (ELA), Esperanza (ELA & Math), Ismenia (ELA & Math), Johnny (ELA), Kayla (ELA), Kristal (ELA), Leonel (ELA & Math), Mariah (ELA & Math), Mark (ELA & Math), Megan (ELA), Miguel (ELA), Osvaldo (Math), Patrick (ELA), Sharon (Math), Victoria (ELA), Viet (Math)

Gold: Anson (ELA & Math), Caroline (ELA & Math), Clemente (Math), Daniel (ELA & Math), Darlene (ELA & Math), David (Math), Evie (ELA & Math), Johnny (Math), Jorge (ELA & Math), Judy (ELA & Math), Kayla (Math), Kristal (Math), Megan (Math), Miguel (Math), Patrick (Math), Rashaad (Math), Sharon (ELA), Victoria (Math), Viet (ELA)

PERFECT 600 Math Score: Caroline, Judy, & Miguel