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STAR Student Medals - Congratulations!

At Earl Warren, we celebrate student achievement with a very special medal assembly. Students are awarded according to their STAR state test results from the year before. To earn a bronze medal, a student must move up into the basic category from a lower category. A silver medal is awarded for a proficient score. Finally, a gold medal is only awarded to students who scored advanced. It takes a great deal of hard work and dedication to earn these honors.


4th Grade

4TH GRADE PERFECT 600 MATH SCORES: Ethan, Chee, Daren, & Juana

Gold: Analicia (Math), Anthony (Math), Chee (Math), Daren (Math), Erika (ELA & Math), Ernie (Math), Eshaya (Math), Ethan (ELA & Math), Juana (ELA & Math), Justin Y. (ELA & Math), Maritza (Math), Nelson (Math), Ricardo (Math), Scott (Math), Shawn (Math), Shiksha (Math), Ted (ELA & Math), Tiana (ELA & Math), & Yessenia (ELA & Math)

Silver: Analicia (ELA), Chee (ELA), Dacota (ELA & Math), Daren (ELA), Ernie (ELA), Fernanda (ELA & Math), Justin S. (Math), Kathleen (ELA & Math), Loreay (Math), Maritza (ELA), Nina (Math), Scott (ELA), Shiksha (ELA), Ulises (Math), & Xiong (ELA & Math)

Bronze: Kenniesha (Math), Loreay (ELA), Mike (Math), Nelson (ELA), Nina (ELA), Shawn (ELA), & Vanessa (ELA & Math)



5th Grade

5TH GRADE PERFECT 600 MATH SCORES: Chee, Erika, Juana, Justin, & Tiana

Gold: Alexis (Math), Anthony (ELA & Science), Chee (Math), Daren (Math & Science), Dario (Math), Erika (Math), Eshaya (Math), Juana (ELA & Math), Justin S. (Math), Justin Y. (ELA, Math, & Science), Maritza (Math), Nelson (Math), Peter (Math & Science), Ricardo (Math), Shawn (Math), Shiksha (Math), Ted (ELA & Math), Tiana (Math), Ulises (Math)

Silver: Alexis (ELA & Science), Anthony (Math), Chee (ELA & Science), Dacota (ELA, Math, & Science), Daren (ELA), Dario (Science), Erika (ELA & Science), Ernie (ELA, Math, & Science), Fernanda (ELA, Math, & Science), Juana (Science), Julian (Math), Justin S. (ELA & Science), Kathleen (Math), Kenniesha (Math), Leonardo (Math & Science), Lejean (ELA & Science), Loreay (ELA, Math, & Science), Maritza (Science), Miguel (Math), Nelson (Science), Nina (Math), Peter (ELA), Ricardo (ELA & Science), Shiksha (ELA), Ted (Science), Tiana (ELA & Science)

Bronze: Estella (Math), Ulises (ELA)



6th Grade


Gold: Alexis (Math), Chee (ELA & Math), Cris (ELA & Math), Erika (ELA &Math), Ernie (ELA), Fernanda (Math), Juana (ELA & Math), Julian (Math), Justin Y. (ELA & Math), Maritza (Math), Martin (ELA), Miguel (Math), Nelson (Math), Ricardo (Math), Ted (ELA & Math), Tiana (Math)

Silver: Alexis (ELA), Anthony (ELA & Math), Emiliano (ELA & Math) Ernie (Math), Eshaya (Math), Fernanda (ELA), Loreay (ELA & Math), Maritza (ELA), Martin (Math), Miguel (ELA), Nina (ELA & Math), Ricardo (ELA), Shawn (Math), Shiksha (ELA & Math), Tiana (ELA), Tina (ELA & Math)

Bronze: Eshaya (ELA), Kenniesha (ELA), Mike (ELA)


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"We have fun in this class because we learn a lot." ~Estella

"I like this class because we are really nice, and we are grateful to others." ~Anthony

"I like my class and Mr. Castro because when we have hard work he helps us, but at the same time he makes the work fun." ~Juana