My Story

Hi my name is Alexis; I was born on October 13, 1999. I have two sibling’s one brother and one sister. I am the youngest out of us three, so I get spoiled sometimes and sometimes I get bullied by my siblings. My heritage is Romanian. I was not born in Romania, because my mom came to California when she was like 16 years old. We travel to many different states, like Arizona, Oregon, and much more. When I moved to Sacramento, I came to Earl Warren for almost three years now. When I moved here I didn’t know anyone, but when I moved in I made many friends. When I went to school for a while I became more comfortable around my classmates. Before I came to this school I used to go to a school called Adams Elementary in Riverside California. In about the middle of the fourth grade my aunt passed away. So we went to her funeral in Riverside California. After her funeral I went to lived in Oregon with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. There I went to Hall Elementary school for about the rest of fourth grade. I came back to Sacramento in the fifth grade. Then we moved from our house by Belleview to Sky Parkway by Wal-Mart. Now I am in the sixth grade and know all my classmates we all get along very well. We are also like a team till we leave to middle school.

What I Love to Do and My Interests

When I get off of school my friends and I usually want to go to the park. We always hang out talk about what happened in our lives or the other day. After I come home from the park I usually go on the roof when I’m bored, stressed out, calm, or need to relax. I also love to cook and bake with my grandparents and mom. My favorite cartoon character is SpongeBob. I mainly love my friends because if I didn’t know them then I wouldn’t know how to forget about other people’s opinions and a lot more. My friends and I usually love to text and go on Facebook when were not at the park or together. Some people think I`m a tomboy (which I am), because I love to skateboard, hang around boys and much more. I also like to go to school, because when I`m at home there is nothing to do, but at school I am with my friends and I`m learning. Besides when I`m at home all I do is my homework and go to my grandma's house. I am interested in music, cooking, and much more. My favorite music artists are Tyga, Drake, Rihanna, E-40, Waka Flocka, and more.

My Earl Warren Experience

When I moved to Sacramento and came to this school I was really shy and scared. When I came in the classroom the first day everyone was so friendly to me. I sat next to Nina who was also the new kid. We became good friends, because we hang out a lot and lived right next to each other. My teacher was and still is Mr. Castro. By the time I went to the middle of the fifth grade I wasn’t shy anymore and I knew everyone in my classroom. In sixth grade my classmates and I are now a family till we leave to middle school. During the sixth grade we went to Sly Park for a whole week, well at least some of us. I also did Peer Mediation for two years when my classmates and I work together my teacher likes it better then us not getting along and it teaches us how to become more mature for the future well at least that’s my opinion. My class and I are practicing dodgeball and soccer for the students vs. staff and teachers. All of us well at least most of us try our best for everything. My classmates are like family to me. The last thing I want to say is that I hang out with Juana, Tina, Eshaya, Nina, Chee, Fernanda, and lots more, but they are really close to me.


  • Making friends
  • Getting along with people 
  • Getting to know the whole class
  • Playing dodgeball
  • Being myself
  • Being confident in myself
  • Don't think or care about other's opinions
  • For 7/8th grade
  • Don't be shy
  • For High School:
  • Get involed in clubs
  • Play volleyball
  • As an adult
  • Make good decisions 
  • Go to school
  • Have a good job