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Welcome to Anthony's Webpage

My Life

Hi my name is Anthony and I was born in Sacramento, California. My birthday is on July 4, 2000. My birthday is really fun because it is fireworks day and there's a lot more stuff to do because we get to have great cake. My family is really fun because their always having parties at pools, rivers, lakes, parks, and more. They usually come over to visit and some of them stay the night. My family has a lot of stuff that goes on during holidays because when it’s a special holiday we get dressed and go to my grandma’s house and we cook fantastic food to eat. School is one of the places I like to go because we do all kinds of activities like dodgeball, soccer, basketball, and more. When we go to class we learn. Three of my favorite subjects are math, English-language arts, and science. When I was in another school, they used to treat us like dogs because even when I didn’t do anything they would just say wait outside with your backpack. I didn’t have a jacket or sweater, just a shirt. They would leave me outside in the cold and they used to say bad words to you.

When I went to Earl Warren and I came to Mr. Castro, I was feeling better. I had my grades in math, ELA, and science high. When I was at the other school I was doing badly because they never taught us anything they just made us mad. Then I used to get far below basic. Then I went to Earl Warren and I am now an advanced student. When my mom and dad are with me they are always on my side and I love them because my mom teaches me how to behave myself and to be kind to others. My dad teaches me how to clean my room and house, but sometimes I’m to lazy so I get off my couch and work my head off. Sometimes my dad teaches me braveness. When theirs like a rat or something he will catch it and he will name it and make me laugh so I won’t be afraid of anything anymore. As time went on, it was my mom's wedding, so I wore a tuxedo the same as my dad. When we were at the wedding, I was eating donuts and when we were done we went in the bomb cars and it was cool. When we to the park we ate and talked. For a toast we had apple cider.


   Interests & Hobbies

 Video games are cool because I play them on the x box 360.the games I play are prey, madden 08, and lost planet. Games are cool because they can do anything you want them to do but not always. They do stuff that the controls are suppose to do. They are not controlled by there self only if your pressing the buttons. Also I play video games all day long.

Earl Warren xperience

When I came to earl warren I started getting advanced all the time. When I go to college I would be in every clubs that are for me. I am going to have good friends in my life because I am a good student .I always behave myself when I have a substitute or someone with me and some others and just behave myself. When I am done with college I am going to be a swat, U.S. navy, and the marines.

Teacher's Message

Looking back, I am amazed on how much Anthony has changed and matured. In the fourth grade, it was very difficult for Anthony to remain focused in class and he would often forget his homework at home or choose not to complete it. I have to admit that I was a bit worried about him back then. Fast forward to today and Anthony is a totally different kid. He is MUCH more organized, does his work, and stays focused and attentive in class. In addition, Anthony is a very kind person who values fairness and always wants to do the right thing. He has a very supportive family who has helped him tremendously over the years. One thing I really came to like about Anthony is his sense of humor. He has a knack of doing and saying things to entertain others. This was very clear during our trip to Sly Park. His fun-loving personality also attracts others to him, which is why he has lots of friends. The key for Anthony in the future to stay organized and keep doing the things he did during his time at Earl Warren. This will help take him anyplace he wants to go. Thanks Anthony for helping to make my job more fun. Good luck!


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