Hello, my name is Brandon. I am 12 years old and I am 100 pounds. my birthdate is August 12, 1999. I lived in a town called Delhi. when I was younger I went to another school, but I forgot the name and then I was very bad there. I was in the FIRST grade when I got in big trouble, so that I flunked a grade. I have a huge family all over the place most of my cousins are adults now and some of them are married or they are in the army. My dad and my mom got divorced when I was 9 years old. then my mom found someone else and his name is Billy he is my step dad. Some other things about my life is I like to go swimming. When it was really hot and I liked to go to Raging waters when I can when my mom is not working.                                                                  


I like to play dodgeball and I love to go fishing even though I don’t catch anything. I like to play with bay blades; one of my favorite skateboarding groups is KP14 and sometimes I skateboard with them. My sister's boyfriend is on the KP14 skate team. Sometimes I play soccer with my friends at school. When I have a chance, I go on Facebook and talk to other people that are online. When it is football season I love the raiders and saints .when it is basketball season I like the Sacramento kings and Chicago bulls. I also love to play bay blades with my friends and some other people because we love to trade and do other stuff like sell them to each other and battle for parts. when I go fishing sometimes I go catch some type of fish called crappie and when I go deep sea fishing I get my 15 foot pole and I threw it really far and I caught something

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Earl Warren Experience

One earl warren experience is when I went to sly park. I was in the fox cabin. at first I was in raccoon cabin with mr.darrell. I think I was lucky because I was with Jose; he used to be in our class, but now he goes to white rock and we went on a hike that was 5 miles. I had to push some girl because she could not walk any more. every day we would have to take a 5 minute shower otherwise Mr. Darrell would tell us to get out. one of my best friends is loreay. they call him fufu and Becky and Justin he would always help me on my math homework if I did not understand it, so thank you Justin for helping me. when we were in fourth grade, We went to Cal skate and my dad came and gave me 5 dollars when we went. Ulises and I wore the same thing we did not know that we were going to wear that. Also in fifth grade we had splash we went on a field trip. In fifth grade, we went to the river cats game. Anthony in Mr. Ramirez's class did a back flip. lots of girls came to him saying do it again.