Middle School:

Be good and do my best in all classes. I’m going to be the best one in P.E. I’m going to past all tests that he or she give me. I will run like I never ran before and get my mile in 7:00 min. Then in class I will be good and I’m not going to fight. I will be the best one their.

Earl Warren Experience:

When I first opened the door, I was shy because everyone was looking at me, but I got over it.  After I got the hang of it, I like the school. I know a lot of stuff from this school. I’m glad I went to this school. I don’t get picked on any more so I don’t have to fight. I don’t like fighting and Mr. Castro is a good teacher we all have fun in class.   

About Me:

Hi my name is Cedric. I was born on October 20, 1999. I was the second youngest, but I was the one picking on my brother. I get picked on by my older cousins who are like twenty and older. I’m used to it now. I go to boxing practice from 5:00 to 7:00. Then I’m off and I do my homework. Next, I take a shower then go to the park. Then I go to my house and go on Facebook to see who is on. If I don’t see no one on then I go on to Emodo to talk to my friends. Then I go to bed and get ready for school.

I’m interested in football I want to be to best boxer and football player. I want to be famous with nice cars and a house where the kids can play with a pool. I want the biggest house ever and have people working for me. I'm going to have two dogs and for kids (two girls and to boys) and they will not be bad. 

Teacher's Message:
Cedric joined our class late in sixth grade. He came to our school in order to get a fresh start, and he made the most of it. Cedric was always very polite to me. In fact, I had another teacher tell me the same thing. During his short time with us, we worked on completing all of his work and other skills which will help him in the future. Cedric is involved in sports outside of school and it showed. Both the kids and I were very impressed with his skills out on the playground. I wish him the best of luck in the future!


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