Hello, welcome to my webpage, my name is Chee, and I was born in May 29, 2000 at Methodist Hospital in Sacramento, CA, and I am the youngest out of my family. My race is Hmong, and we do lots of celebrations for when a new born baby comes, we also do Hmong New Year and it is all about when people dress up to perform their best and win the competitions, people dress up culturally, and when people sell cultural food like Hmong sausage, tapioca drinks, color drinks, and lots more. Our Hmong clothing is filled with lots of beautiful colors for the boys and the girls, but for the boys most of them are black with some colors like blue or silver. They also have nice clean bells and coins that jingle and dangle when you walk around. My parents and a couple of my sisters and brothers went through a lot of trouble because they went through the jungles day and night and then they had to cross the Mekong River to get to Thailand, and this all happened during the Vietnam War which was really dangerous for us Hmong people. After it was all over, they went to America to have a better life. I have 6 brothers, 9 sisters, 4 nieces, and 4 nephews, so there is a total of 26 of us including my mom, dad, and me.

    When I was in kindergarten, I was playing with this wheel thing that was for the cars (it was really heavy), so I was rolling it and I didn’t see where I was rolling, so I rolled it over my toe. During 2007, we were doing a baby shower for my sister, so I was walking with my eyes closed and I didn’t see a knife in the ground. I was towards the knife, so I cut my toe deeply. One hot summer day, my sisters, brother, and I were gardening, so I was plowing the dirt with a gardening tool and it went toward my toe and deeply stabbed it in. It all happened to my left toe and first it was all a pain, but I started to laugh at it when I hear about it now.

    I went to Earl Warren for 8 years. My childhood friends were Erika, Fernanda, Ted, Anala, and Jade. My friends now are Vanessa, Tina, Emiliano, Tiana, Ricardo, Alexis, Mike, Nina, Juana, Eshaya, and MORE of my peeps. In preschool, I would steal Fernanda’s animal crackers and she would steal my yogurt, so we would both be equal. In kindergarten, we played this fun treasure hunt (on St. Packtricks Day) to find who is the leprechaun and to find its treasure, and the treasure were these chocolate coins all covered with a gold and shiny wrappers. In first grade, we do this water playday thing, but it is not with water, and it is always on the hundredth day in school. In Mrs. Fong’s class, we made some sweet pumpkin pie and also made some delicious beef stew. In fourth, fifth, and sixth grade, I had lots of fun in room 14 because we do lots of fun activities like dodgeball competitions, kickball competitions, Rock Band, and more fantastic fun. During 2007, we went to the airport to pick my mom and dad, but before we went there, we went to the beach and played there for a while because it wasn’t ready for us to pick them up yet. After going to beach, we went straight ahead to the airport, and when we got there, I was so amazed on how it looked like because it was big and was very nice looking. When we got home, my mom and dad gave me a late birthday gift from Laos and the gift was a three-headed elephant, and there was a story to it. I didn’t know how to read it because it was written in Laos, so my dad read it to me and I liked it. From 2008 through maybe forever, my family and I always went to Lake Tahoe to have some vacation time and some summer fun over there. In 2012, we went to a place (that I don’t really remember its name) and stayed there for a whole week. We went to Bodega Bay, parks, malls, and went to other fun places.

Earl Warren Experience

In my Earl Warren experiences, I have met three great principals Ms. Dr. Inchausti, Mrs. Moua, and Mrs. Olsen, and I also met great teachers too: Ms. Janet, Mrs. Chavez, Ms. Burke, Mrs. Fong, Mrs. Winslow, and the best of the best Mr. Castro. During these years, I went on great field trips. In Ms. Janet’s class, we went to Fairytale Town. In Mrs. Chavez’s room we went to the Sacramento Zoo. In Mr. Castro’s room we went to Splash, Sly Park (best place ever), Sky high (student council), and next stop Sun Splash!!!! At Earl Warren, We did lots of fun activities like the health fair (where the Fremont Church comes and informs you with lots of health education), there is also the perfect attendance field trip (where students go to places if they been to school every day and those places were Cal Skate and ice Skating), water play day (filled with water activities). My achievements so far were perfect homework, proficient for ELA, advanced for math, and one of the best ones ever were two trophies for the Star Test and it was for math. The reason why I got those two trophies was because of Mr. Castro. He helps my class by making math fun, translates it to kid language, connects some of our math lessons to the love stuff, and does a lot more humorous lessons. My experiences in room 14 was really shy at first, but when I got the hang of it I wasn’t as shy like right now in sixth grade and it been great being in that class, but it is sad because I will be leaving soon to middle school and leave my best friends in elementary. I will still stop by and visit Mr. Castro. In his class my friends, Juana and Alexis, and I we did the last Star Rally for us sixth graders which was so embarrassing, but it felt good afterwards because we did it and everyone loved it and thought it was amazing.

Interests and Hobbies

Since I was a little kid, I loved to eat lots of sweet things like chocolate, sugar cubes, and a lot more sweet stuff, but then my mom would stop me from eating candy so much before I would get cavities, but I would still eat candy little by little every day. When I went to my uncle’s farm, I loved to play with the animals, take care of them, and especially ride the horses or ponies with my little niece. During my Earl Warren years, I loved to draw when I had free time or I would go outside and hang around with my friends. During First grade I started to listen to music on the radio, in the car, or on my sister’s mp3 player, and when I started to get the hang of reading words and pronouncing the words, I started to sing some of the words, so that is why I love music and singing. My favorite artists are One Direction, Pink, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and more of my favorite artist. During my room 14 years, I started to like sports more like dodgeball, volleyball, and soccer, and I started to like more of technology when we were learning with Mr. Castro. I like dramatic and comedy genres in movies, so I started to watch Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, New Girl, Raising Hope, Nikita, and lots MORE. I also watch Korean dramas on the computer like: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (ninetailfox), Secret Garden, Your Beautiful, Prosecutor Princess, and LOTS more. My most favorite type of shoe is Converse. When I became friends with Trisha in third grade, Kathleen’s older sister, she got me into lots of anime, so my favorites are Vampire Knight, Shugo Chara, Full Moon, and LOTS MORE. Ever since I was friends with Tiana in fifth grade, she got me into Domo and then she got me to Hello Kitty, a white cat, so that is how that all happened.


Teacher's Message

As you can see from this very detailed and elaborate webpage, Chee is an outstanding student. He made my job very easy because he is a VERY hard worker and self-motivated. In fact he was able to score a PERFECT 600 score on the math STAR test two years in a row. This is quite a feat to say the least. One thing we worked on was his shyness and confidence level. I saw leadership potential in him early on and thrust him into roles that at first made him uncomfortable. Through the years, Chee grew so much as a leader and in 6th grade was pivotal in planning a STAR rally for the entire school. This was a huge amount of work and was a big hit! I was so proud to see Chee step out of his comfort zome to do this. I am very confident that Chee will continue to do well in the future. He has a great family and always makes good decisions both in and out of class. Chee, thank you for working so hard in our class and I look forward to hearing about your great achievements in the future.