Hi my name is Cris. I was born November 6, 2000 and I am now 11 years old. I have two older siblings my brother Fernando age 12 and my sister Sarah age 15.The first house I ever lived in was a two room diminutive house. We were very unwealthy and we didn’t have much entertainment. All we had was each other and our PS2. That was very important to our life because it was very fun and we still have it but don’t use it. Then about 6 years later my mom was pregnant and it was time to move.

                We moved into a medium-sized house. It had 3 rooms and it was alright. My baby brother was born that year on June 16, 2006. His name is Michael and he is now 5 years old. The same year on November 6 2006, my 6th birthday came and I received my Wii. The Wii is important to me because it was my entertainment for the next five years. On Christmas that year I received my iPod touch it wasn’t very important to my life. I went to this school called Tahoe Elementary it was ok and the main sport there was kickball. About four years later my family and I were moving to our new house in the Elk Grove District.

                I arrived at my new house near July of 2010. My new school was Herman Leimbach and my new teachers name was Mr. Harrison. He was an ok teacher, but his teaching style was really bad. My new house was bigger than the last one with 4 rooms. My best friends at that school were Anthony, Steven, Alex Z, Alex F, Joe and Miguel. Even though I’ve already left that school, I still keep contact with three of them. I stayed there for a year and then it was time to move again.

                Then in the year of 2011 I moved back to the Sacramento District where I came from. My new house had the same amount of rooms as my other house and my new school was Earl Warren. My teacher’s name was Mr. Castro…..END


I have many interests such as sports, games and several other things. My greatest interest by far is Pokémon. Pokémon has been with me ever since I was five. My first ever Pokémon game was Pokémon Fire Red and my favorite Pokémon out of all of them is Squirtle. My second favorite hobby is soccer. It is my favorite sport out of all of the other sports. I like soccer very much, but not as Pokémon. My third favorite interest is the DS. I have several games for the DS such as Pokémon black and pearl. My least favorite hobby is dodgeball. I’ve only played for a little bit of time so I am not very good……END

Earl Warren Experience

I have been at Earl Warren for one year. That may seem like a little time but a lot has happened this year.  One thing we did is we went to Sly Park. At Sly Park we were away from our family for about one whole week, which may seem like a little, but two or three days and then you start to get a little sad. Another thing is that I like P.E. One thing I like about P.E is dodgeball. Dodgeball is a sport in which you get to hit people with rubber balls and you have to dodge and catch. Another thing I like about Earl Warren is Mr. Castro. Mr. Castro has taught us a lot of things like S.P.Q it was really hard for me, but then I got good at it……End



7/8th grade - Get principal's list/honor roll

9/10th grade - Get principal's list/honor roll

11th grade - Get a part-time job

12th grade - Get promoted from part-time job

Adult - Graduate college, become a pediatrician or lawyer

Old - Retire and die…

Teacher's Message

Cris joined our class family in the 6th grade. He immediately struck me as a very intelligent and quiet young man. Cris was able to grasp the curriculum and learn the material very quickly and usually understood the lesson the first time I taught it. In fact, he is one of the most advanced students I have ever had in all my years of teaching. In class, Cris was very soft-spoken and quiet; however, there were times when I saw his personality come out while hanging out with his friends. Cris often would stay in at recess to help other kids who were struggling in math and other subjects. This was a generous and unselfish thing to do. As the year progressed, he slowly came out of his shell. Little by little, he started participating more and more in class and out on the playground. I remember when he first started really trying at dodgeball and how the other kids would say things like, "Wow, Cris is playing and he is really good!" I hope he continues to do more things like that and looks for leadership roles in the future. Cris has a bright future ahead of him and I wish him the best!