My Story

            Hello there, my name is Erika Herrera; I was born on June 22, 2000. I am Hispanic, but I was born in Sacramento. My mom and dad are both Mexicans. They had two girls in Mexico, and they came here by foot and part bus trip to have my youngest sister and me here. It was very hard for them to come here by walking and by bus, but they really are happy that they came here to live here. They told me to be glad that I was born here and not have to go the same way they did to get here, so I’m happy for being here in Sacramento. When I was little I got baptized here in Sacramento. I don’t really know the people that were there when I got baptized. A few years ago I did my communion, and I had to wear a white, puffy dress to show I was ready. I was very nervous about it, but everything came out right. I didn’t get a party or anything; we just went to a Mexican restaurant that I have loved since I was little. Since I was young, I have had many friends that I have known since preschool. Right now I am in sixth grade and there are some few friends I have known when I was in preschool (Fernanda and Chee). In the past classes I have been moved to a higher place. In third grade they moved me to a third and fourth grade class. It was difficult for me to get the hang of it. I have been in Elementary School since I was around four years old. Now in a few weeks I’m going to graduate from this school and go to middle school. Surely, I am going to miss all my friends and my teacher (Mr. Castro). My friends are like a second family to me. I will try to keep in touch with all of them and mostly the ones that are going to move away.

My Interests

                Since I was young I loved candy very much. I still do love some types, but I know better to not eat that much of it. My mom keeps on telling me not to eat a lot of it, so I wouldn’t have cavities in my teeth. TV shows every day entertain me and relax me. I like to watch; Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, New Girl, Raising Hope, Hart of Dixie, Modern Family, The Simpsons, Big Time Rush, and Family Guy. Of course there are many more shows, but I wouldn’t be able to list them all out. There are lots of shows out there that I could list, but it would be very long. When I was young, I had something for all animals especially dogs. I love listening to One Direction and Big Time Rush the most out of some other artists, but that doesn’t mean that I hate other artists. One Direction has five band members and their names are Zayn, Liam, Harry, Niall, and Louis. Big Time Rush has four members, and they sing and do a show on Nick. Their names are Logan, Carlos, James, and Kendall. I also enjoy other artists, but those two bands are my favorite.

Earl Warren Experiences

                I have been at this school for a long time. Even in preschool I was here and have never moved to another school. I know this school well and I will surely miss it when I promote. At my school I have learned many new things. We have done many cool projects in our classroom. The one I think was the most fun to do was when we made our heritage reports. There were many steps to do to make it a well done report. I had to stay after school to finish some things. My report came in second place. I was really surprised, because I thought other student’s reports were better than mine. We have done many arts with different people that have volunteered to help us. I really enjoy doing art with my classmates and my teacher, Mr. Castro. I have gone to exciting field trips. One cool trip was to Sly Park; I went there for about five days. We met lots of new people. I saw many new things at Sly Park that I have never seen in real life. At my school they have taught me how to play new sports like dodgeball. I learned how to catch the ball when people are aiming at me. I earned a trophy on 2011 for the Star Test exam. It was for math, but I still got a happy score for my language arts test. I feel very proud for myself for achieving it. I will always try my best, and ask myself for each of the questions if it make sense.