My Life

Hi my name is Ernie, and I was born on May 13. When I was born, I lived in Chicago, Illinois, but when I was around five when I moved out of Chicago to California to be closer to other family members that also moved out here. When I moved, I used to live on Nina way and went to Ethel I. Baker, but we had to move to a different location, so that also meant that I wouldn’t see my friends anymore. Around mid-fall I moved to a different street, and a different school, Earl Warren. When I first came, I was pretty nervous, but after a few weeks I was comfortable around my new classmates and friends. I have three sisters, two nieces, and one nephew. My nephew and I have something in common; we are the only boys in our families.  Back when I used to live in Chicago, I had two dogs, Runner and Blackie. After a year or so Blackie passed away, and Runner had to go to the pound because we couldn’t bring dogs on the way here to Sacramento.

My Interests

Here are somethings I would like to do besides watching T.V. hanging out with my friends like playing sports, making funny jokes, and just sitting down and playing video games. I have also been playing football for over two years now, and when I play I have a reputation and I plan on keeping it for a long, long time from now. I enjoy cooking too. People might think it’s for girls only, but it’s not, and it’s fun and creative. My favorite thing to cook is my special three cheese lasagna. Dodgeball is my second favorite sport since you can hit people, but football will still be my favorite sport… until a better one comes out. My favorite kind of video games are: fighting, shooting, sports, and racing games. My favorite game is Call of Duty: Black Ops.

My Earl Warren Experience

Here are somethings that I could remember numerous years from now: SlyPark, the best field trip I ever had before. The best thing that happened to me there was when I went in Steve’s Spaceship, and learned about astronomy, the skits, and I loved their food and girls.  Learning different sports like dodgeball, basketball, kickball, volleyball, and soccer. The sport I was best at was dodgeball, and the best thing I did was get four people out with one throw. The River Cats field trip would have been better if it wasn’t raining, and it took forever to start the actual baseball game, but the good thing was you could buy anything you wanted. When the Kings adopted our school, they give us free tickets which I got. I went with my teacher and some other students to Arco Arena which is now called Power Balance Pavilion.

Teacher's Message

I will never forget having "Ernie Montana" in our class. He is a very funny kid and has a great personality. Through the years, Ernie worked hard to maintain a positive attitude. I really saw huge growth in this area during the 6th grade school year. My favorite memory of him was at Sly Park. Mr. Ramirez and I were deciding who we should poke fun at during the morning wakeup call. I knew Ernie would be able to take a joke, so I chose to announce to the camp that he had forgotten his Hannah Montana things at home. Everyone had a good laugh and Ernie was a great sport about it. Speaking of sports, Ernie was definitely one of the most dominant dodgeball players in either class. When we were out on the court, he became an intense and focused player who everyone wanted to have on their team. I really enjoyed having Ernie in our class. His good humor and jokes often made me laugh out loud. I hope he continues to chase his NFL dream and stays active in sports in middle and high school. Good luck Mr. Montana!