Student Pages

Created by the 2011-12 Earl Warren 6th Grade Class

Dear Visitor,

Unlike most 6th grade classes out there, the majority of these students have been together since the 4th grade. Looking back over the past three years, I am so proud of this group of young people. They have truly become a class family. I expect many of them to continue these friendships for many years to come. It has been my honor to teach such a great group of kids. Time after time, they have risen to every challenge and have constantly helped push me and each other to the next level. We have built a strong community of caring individuals who go out of their way to support one another.

Over the past three years, this group has developed a personality of their own. Most of them showed up well before school to get a jump start on the day. Their hard work led to many academic achievements and awards including nine PERFECT math state test scores. They have a great sense of humor and love all kinds of sports (especially dodgeball). We were also the first class at Earl Warren able to raise enough money to go to Sly Park for an entire week. Not only were the "usual" subjects important to us, but we thrived in areas like physical education, technology, and art. The list goes on and on, but hopefully this gives you an idea of just how special this group was.

For our final project, each student created a personal webpage. They did everything from write each section to edit and publish the page in an html editing program. I was just there to give them a bit of guidance along the way. Each page you see here reflects the individual's style and personality.

The students included a short story of their lives, special Earl Warren memories, important achievements, and goals for the future. I also added a personal "Teacher's Message" for each child. Please take some time to explore and learn more about the unique individuals in our class.

All of these students have a bright future ahead of them. I know each and every one of them can reach their goals and am looking forward to seeing them grow up into responsible, productive members of our society. GREAT JOB KIDS!!!

Mr. Castro