My Autobiography

Hi my name is Juana and I was born in Salamanca, Guanajuato. My birthday is on June 14, 1998. I was born and raised in Mexico until I was six years old. When I was six years old my family and I moved here to the United States because this is were most of my family is. I have two brothers and two sisters, but their all older than me. Therefore, I’m the youngest one in my family. Both of my parents work. My mom works as a house cleaner and my dad works as a person who cuts lawns which is called a landscaper. All of my family from my mom’s side is here, but not all of it from my dad’s side is because my grandpa and two of my aunties are in Mexico. My oldest brother is also in Mexico with my grandpa and step grandma. Everyone in my family is very special to me because their always there to support me especially my mom, but all of them have a special place inside of me. They are very supportive and helpful people to every body they know.

            When I first came here to the United States I went to a different school that wasn’t Earl Warren. I went there for kindergarten and half of first grade. When we moved from our old house to this house I’m living in right now I also transferred schools. My new schools name is Earl Warren and I’m still going there. I have been going there since I was in first grade. I’ve had many nice teachers in the past that helped me a lot in my English because I’m an English learner and also in many other different subjects. Except one of the teachers I had that helped me extremely is Mr. Castro. I’ve had him since I was in 4th grade which are for three years now, and they have been the most fun years in my life in school. One of the most special events I had was when I found out that I got PERFECT in the STAR Test; it was a very special and shocking moment for me when I found out. I took dancing classes before and they were very fun. I learned many dances that I never would of thought of myself before. I also liked my dancing teacher and her name was Maggie. Her helpers were also very nice and helpful. Thanks to all of those teachers in the past I have improved in many things.

My Hobbies/Interests

    I have many hobbies and things I like to do. A main thing I can’t live without is music because I always listen to it, basically every day. I really like to go to the park and hang out with my friends. My favorite sport is soccer even though I don’t really know how to play. When my friends and I play I always try my best and don’t give up. My favorite cousin, Jorge, is teaching me how to play and he’s also teaching me new tricks each time we play or practice together. At school we always play dodgeball and I really like it, even though I get hurt most of the time. I like to do many things outside and inside.

            My main passion I like to do at home is dance. I like to put music on and start dancing to the music. I also like to sing my favorite songs when they come on the radio or I put them on. Some of my favorite artists are J. Cole, Wiz Kalifa, Baby Bash, Frankie Jay, Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and many more.  I like to try many new things, so I tried how to use a rib stick once and I liked it because it was fun. At first it was difficult, but after you get the hang of it turns out to be a lost of fun. Something I always wish I could try is boxing. I would like to take classes for it, and learn the main skills for it. I really like to watch it, but hope some day I could try it. I never actually tried it because my mom is afraid I could get hurt. Maybe when I get older I get the chance to be a good boxer some day. I really like to get new shoes and snapbacks. I like to go out and shop for shoes, clothes, and hats (snapbacks). I really like to do many things and try new stuff as well.

My Experiences At Earl Warren

    Some experiences I had at Earl Warren. The experience that I will never forget that I had at Earl Warren was when we went to Sly Park in sixth grade. I got to try many new things and meet new people. Some of those people I met there are very close friends of mine now. I still keep in touch with most of them. The River Cats game was also a very fun field trip I had in fifth grade. I got to hang out with my friends and classmates from both fifth grade class rooms. In computer lab we get to use iPads which is every Tuesday and Thursday we go. We get to play games sometimes, but we also do projects in there. All the teachers and yard duties that work at Earl Warren are very nice because they always help you on what ever you need. A sport I learned at school was dodgeball. At first I didn’t really know how to play, but over the years I been getting better at it. We play that every Friday and sometimes at recess. It’s very fun to play, but you usually get hurt because no body has mercy against anybody so you just get smashed on. SPLASH was a very fun field trip because they taught you about many different things in science such as animals and plants. Those are experiences I will never forget.       

            One of the most shocking achievements I’ve done is that I got PERFECT on the STAR Test twice. I’m very impressed with myself. A major fear I got over the past years was to go up in front of people and speak. I use to be very shy and afraid of doing that. I also got over my fear of going up on stage in front of the whole school. Sometimes to talk or sometimes just to go up and get my awards I got in different subjects for each trimester. Over these past few years I have got over many of my fears and achieved many of my goals I had. I am very proud of myself and hope that I keep going in this path I am:) .


Teacher's Message

    From day one with the Class of 2012, I was on the lookout for good leaders and immediately I noticed Juana. There was something about her that caused the other kids to look to her for guidance and something about her that convinced me that she would make a spectacular leader. Through the years, I regularly asked her to do many jobs and gave her important responsibilities to see how she reacted. Each time I did this, she stepped up and did everything amazingly well. Juana is a very organized person and was very good at planning things out in advance. I would often ask her opinion on things like where I should seat certain students and what kinds of things we should do in class. In fact, by the end of 6th grade, Juana was doing a lot of things for the class completely on her own. For example, she took the lead in planning the awesome STAR rally for the entire school and even created the seating chart for our class a number of times. One of the most amazing things she did for the 6th grade was help raise over $12,000 by leading the sale of Otter Pops every day afterschool. This allowed us to be the first class at Earl Warren to attend Sly Park for a whole week! Academically, she was one of the hardest working students I have ever taught. Amazingly she was able to score a perfect score two years in a row! Even with all this, Juana remained humble. She is a very kind person who sacrificed a great deal of her time to help others in our class. She also stayed after school many, many times to help me with various projects. This is something that I am very grateful and thankful to her for. The sky is the limit for her! Juana, don't change a thing. Go into middle school, high school, college, and life with the same drive and determination you have now! OUTSTANDING job!



My Goals for the Future

                 Hang out with the right people

       Get into clubs in middle/high school

                 Play sports in middle/high school

       Be the first one to graduate in my family

                 Maybe get into ROTC

       Go to college after I graduate high school

                 Get a good job

       Be a good parent