My life

On March 7, 2000 I was born, my name is Julian. When I first turned two I looked chubby like every one does. At the age three I started walking. At the age of four I started to run, and I went to my first school called, well it was a church school, and when I was ten I got my first bike to ride to BelAir and get groceries for me. At eleven I got my first phone, and I had a birthday party at lazerX. Then later on I turned twelve years old and my life started to get a lot funnier for me, and then I went to a different school called Earl Warren. It was hard for me to get used to my new teacher, students and homework. I kept  missing almost all of my homework because I was not used to the homework, but after two months I had gotten used to the homework. Now I almost never miss my homework and now I am very happy.

Earl Warren Experience

The first day of school I was very shy, but when I went to sit at my group everyone was happy that I went in there group. A couple weeks later, I had gotten along with almost everyone at the school. And everyone well almost everyone got along with me. I had the best teacher, his name is Mr. Castro. He is a very good teacher in my opinion. We went to Sly Park, and it was a very good trip, and it was fun. Now we are doing tech stuff, soccer drills, and basketball drills. Soon we are going to go against the staff and we are going to destroy them! I will feel very proud of myself and my team. So come to Earl Warren and have fun. Bye! 

Hobbies /Interest

My hobbies are football, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, baseball, basketball, rugby, and my biggest one is video game creating. I like all of these activities because they are fun to do. My interests are the following: video games, board games, sports, TV, computers, cars and motorcycles. I pick cars and motorcycles because it’s a challenge for me to take them apart, and to put it together, and that itself is hard. Then I get to paint and put designs on the car, and its fun. Once I’m done I get to ride them, and those are my interest and hobbies


My goals for the future are to be a pro football player, and if that does not work I have a back up plan. It is to become a S.W.A.T team member, and and to take down the criminals who do the crime. These are my goals for the future.

Teacher's Message

Julian joined our class at the beginning of 6th grade. I have to agree with what he said above that it took him a bit of time to adjust to our class (especially my strict homework rules). However, he soon did that and is now a very responsible and reliable student. In fact, his homework went from often being incomplete to being done with great care. Once he got that in order, I noticed a huge improvement in his overall work ethic in class as well. This led to him doing better and better on the material we learned. I was very proud to see this positive change in him. Another thing I eventually learned about him is that Julian is quite the entertainer. He let it show a little bit during class, but it really became apparent at Sly Park during the cabin skits and songs. He was not at all shy about going up in front of everyone and doing things to make them laugh. I can see him someday becoming a comedian or famous actor. He has a good sense of humor and is easy to get along with. As a result, Julian has lots of friends in and out of class. One thing I really liked was that every morning he would walk in the door and say, "Good morning Mr. Castro." It was such a polite thing to do and shows how kind of a person he is. I am glad to have had Julian in our class. I hope he takes the things he learned into his future endeavours, and I look forward to hearing about his successes in the future. Good job Julian!