To whom may be reading this, my name is Justin; I was born on May 14, 2000. I already had two siblings, they were older than me of course, their names were Jenny and Stanley. My family lived in an apartment when I was just a baby; we moved to another apartment as I got a bit older. I went to a community school for preschool. I then went to Edward Kimble for Kindergarten and a bit of first grade. When I was about five or six, my baby sister was born, her name was Serena. We went to my present house after that.

I now go to another school, the school that I’m currently in which is called Earl Warren. I spent my first time in a combination class when I was in third grade. It was a split class between third and fourth grade. I spent around three years with my teacher, Mr. Castro, for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. I think of him as a funny, great teacher.

Recently, I have been playing more sports and being more active than my recent years. I took part in a Spelling Bee, but I didn’t win due to my lack of hearing and spelling. I had gotten to the seventh round, and then came to my chance to lose. Now we are pretty far up into the present.

Interest of Me

I never knew that reading could have been so fun until I started to get interested in the Percy Jackson books. I only read two of the five books. They were about 350-400 pages long each, but I found the time to read them. A big one for me is gaming. I like to play RPG games mostly. I’m not good at 1st person shooter games like Call of Duty for example, but I’m not terrible. I have a basic knowledge of computers, so I don’t know everything that is meant to be learned. I know how to surf the web quickly; multitask with watching videos, loading data, and installing new web files to my computer; install programs properly; delete cookies; etc. I like to play most sports, even though I’m bad at them, with my buddies. I play: dodgeball, soccer, basketball, kickball, football, and baseball sometimes. I also play tennis and badminton as well. I like to learn about math and science. They’re my favorite subjects to learn in class/school. Even if my interests aren’t that interesting, they are enough to keep me interested and busy.

Earl Warren Experience

I have been going to Earl Warren for about six years. My teacher Mrs. Garcia taught me how to read in first grade. I stayed after school with her and some other kids to get tutored in fluency. In second grade my teacher, Mrs. Rosebur, taught me how to write in cursive. In third grade however, I was put into a combination class with a third and fourth grade mix. The teacher of the class was Mrs. Winslow. Third grade was the first time I had gotten my perfect 600 award for the star test. I went from a basic score to perfect in my math from second to third grade. In fourth grade was when I met one of the best teachers in my life ever. His name was John Castro; he is really fun, smart, and athletic. He earned the Teacher of the Year when my class was in fourth grade. I flowed with his three year loop class. In fifth grade we went to a place called SPLASH, a water/environmental care program. In sixth grade we went to Sly Park for about five days, and it was the best field trip I’ve ever went to so far, at least to my opinion. I met many new people; went on short/long hikes; ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and visited a pool of water that had an emerald hue. Earl Warren is one of the greatest schools to my opinion. (I’m sorry if I keep on using the same phrases over and over again)

Teacher's Message

Without a doubt, Justin is one of the most intelligent and gifted students I have had the pleasure of teaching. Not very many kids can score perfect on the STAR test twice. He was also able to achieve the highest score that our school has ever had in ELA when he missed just one problem on the fifth grade test! I appreciate students like Justin very much because it forces me to be on my game at all times. There were MANY times that he would ask very intricate and thoughtful questions. He also would catch my mistakes quite often. If I was teaching a math lesson and saw his hand go up I figured I had made a mistake. Therefore I trained myself to check my work and catch the error before calling on him. It was like a friendly battle of wits going on between us. I had to work hard to come up with ways of extending the lessons to challenge Justin and my other high flyers. I hope I was able to keep the curriculum interesting and challenging for them. Yes, Justin is smart, but do you know that he is also a pretty funny guy when he chooses to be? I really didn't see a lot of this until sixth grade and it made me happy because I also try to entertain my students with humor (although you wouldn't know it with Justin since he rarely laughed at my jokes). Finally, I was very proud to see him try much harder at sports this year. In the past, he wasn't that into it, but this year he was like a madman out there! I hope I get the opportunity to go watch him play some sports at the middle or high school level. There is no doubt in my mind that Justin has the potential to become anything he wants to be. Justin, best of luck to you in the future and you did a fantastic job all three years you were with me. I am very proud of you!

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