Kenniesha's Webpage



    Hi my name Kenniesha. I was born on July 6, 2000.When I was born my mom spoiled me I was the youngest one in my family. It was before my baby brother and two youngest sisters were born. My mom would take me anywhere she went. She even bought me anything I wanted like ice cream, toys and posters. She gave me posters like Justin Beiber, Taylor Lounger posters and Hello Kitty. I have three brothers and three sisters. When I was in the first grade I had lots of friends that I am still friends with now. I also love the color purple and I also love all the things that I have now. We are immigrants to here Sacramento. First we lived in Nevada then moved here. When I was little I got on a newspapper for a very good thing the good thing that I was doing was helping homeless people. I decided to do that because I felt bad for all of the homeless people. I liked it because it made me feel good and very impressed. Then I decided to keep doing things like that. Then I told everyone what I did and they were also impressed with me to so I told them all how I did it.

My Goals

    My goals in high school are to pick a good group of friends and separate my friends by putting all my study friends in one group then put my fun to play with friends in a different group just so I can have a great school year. I will never get in a fight or even be a bully. I would also speak up and tell on the people who are bullying other people. My other goal is to try to be the first one to graduate collage in my family. My last goal is to never do drugs in my life and to help I would put up fliers or give out books to people who are near me to help the environment and help the people who are dyeing in the world.


My Hobbies

    The things that I like to do is play video games I also like to watch funny movies and many other movies I also like to watch scary movies. My other hobby is playing lots of sports. I played soccer lots of times and my next sport might be flag football but I did want to do tackle but my brothers foot got fractured really bad. Then I might play baseball next or soft ball but I really am going for softball because it is way more safe for my opinion. My favorite hobbies are writing and other things. When my class is not writing then sometimes I might do some random writing. But in my world it really does depend on what we are doing that day. If we are doing something boring then I might write or take a nap.

My Earl Warren Experience

   When I, Kenniesha was in the 6th grade my best teacher Mr. Castro taught me how to play lots of sports like soccer, dodgeball, and kickball. So if you really want to impress my teacher give him something that he likes. Like a Rangers greasy or some food then he might give you something that you like. He takes you on lots of very fun field trips like in the 5th grade we went to Rivercats and also to the Kings and many other places. Mr. Castro's favorite hockey team is the Rangers so if he comes back really happy then that means that the Rangers won, but if he comes back all sad then that means that the Rangers lost or he sad because he just had a bad day. So if he is sad bring him something that he really likes but if he is sad because the Rangers lost please do not remind of it that might make him more sad. When I first started school I was the most shy person in my class I was very scared to start making friends like all the other people were so then I seen that all the people in my class were in my class were having so much fun so that’s when I started making friends and having  lots of fun.


Teacher's Message

   Kenniesha actually started off this "loop" in the other class, but after 4th grade she switched to our class. She would often be one of the first people to school everyday because her uncle Darrell also worked at our school, so her mom would drop her off early to stay with him. Having her uncle there could be a good thing and a not so good thing sometimes. It was good because he was there to help her when she needed help, but not so good because he would always hear about everything that went on with the class (and for a sixth grader, privacy is unsually a high priority). I enjoyed having Kenniesha in our class because she has a good sense of humor. I would often joke around with her, and she would just give me a hard time back. She would often surprise me in the morning with a bag of chips or some other snack which always put a smile on my face. Kenniesha worked hard to make a great deal of progress academically. I remember how long she worked on the STAR test this year, and how she refused to give up even when the problems were very difficult. A major strength is her athletic ability. I hope she chooses to participate in sports in middle and high school because I think she will be a good addition to any team. For example, when our class played dodgeball, Kenniesha would almost always be one of the last people on the court. There were even a few times when I tried and tried to get her out but just couldn't. She would just dodge back and forth, stop then start, and somehow find a way to avoid the ball. Kenniesha is headed off to a different middle school than most of the other kids in our class. I know she will continue to work hard and do well there and I hope she will keep in touch with me and the friends she made at Earl Warren.