Its about me :)    


    Hi my name is Loreay and I was born on August 30, 2000. I have a brother name Keanu and a dog name Max. I live with my mom, dad, brother, four aunts, two cousins, and a grandfather. My main hobbies inside are to go on the computer and play on my PS3 with my friends Mike, Ted, Jason and Andy. Then the things I like to do outside are to play at the park with my other friends Chris, his brother, and others that are at the nearby park. Then I tried out for a basketball team and we played a few games and did lots of drills. We played lots of tournaments, we lost some games and we won some games and when we are losing I’ll sometimes get mad during one of the quarters. When I was little I always wanted to be a marine or UFC fighter. Also when I was little I attended Earl Warren for preschool, then I moved to another area which had a close by school which was Joseph Bonhhiem. I went to that school for kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. Then after that I moved back where I used to stay and went back to my first original school. Now that I’m going to seventh grade I‘ll like to share a few stories when I was younger. When I was young I mean very super young like four or five. I would usually run around the house with no t-shirt on and go wild with my brother and my cousins that moved to Oakland. Also I would hang on stuff and get in trouble. When I went to Disneyland for a week with my cousins it was pretty fun. While I was there, I saw Mickey Mouse , Minnie Mouse, and etc. After that trip I went to Seattle, Washington for the summer and my birthday. We stayed at our aunt's house which is gigantic. They have this balcony that has a lake in front of it and it is a very, very, very nice view. We went up to the Space Needle. Thanks for reading my autobiography.  

ThInGs I <3 tO dO  

My hobbies

    My hobbies are playing Modern Warfare 3 with my friends Mike, Ted, Jason, and my cousins. I like to watch TV with my little brother and we would usually watch all the episodes of “Family Guy”, “The Cleveland Show”, and much more shows that come on Fox every Sunday. Also I want to add in my two last favorite interests which are cars and drawing Anime. For the cars I would try to draw them, I’ll buy model cars and try to create them how they should be, and I would buy car games like Need for Speed Carbon or Midnight Club Los Angeles to create tight and fast cars. And for drawing Anime I would see things on the internet and try to draw them after I print the picture out. I would get in the mood of drawing and it just comes to me and I’ll try to draw the picture that’s in my mind. So that's my main hobbies. Thanks for reading my hobbies.

My Earl Warren Experience

    For 4th- 6th my teacher was Mr. Castro and I would say that he is the best teacher that I had in the long time. The best experience at Earl Warren is when in sixth grade we went on the greatest field trip for a week which was at Sly Park. When we got there both classes were excited to come off the bus and look around. The day was pretty fun and we went to lunch. OMG the food was delicious and we can get seconds if you wanted but some people didn’t have to I did. The other fun things that we did at Sly Park was the rock climbing, and it was pretty fun, and we did night hike, chilling in the cabins after lunch, and every night we would do skits/songs. My secondary fun experience was all in fifth. In fifth grade we went to awesome field trips which was Splash, River cats’ baseball game, ice skating, and roller skating. The Splash field trip was kind of boring because I didn’t really like it when it was raining that day. The rollerblading and ice skating trip was really fun because you get to skate around in the arena, I really liked it. The funniest field trip for fifth grade was the River cats. It was pretty awesome because our teachers let us roam around the whole time and we bought food, drinks and other stuff. That’s my Earl Warren Experience thanks for reading.

Teacher's Message

    As you can see from his great webpage, Loreay is one cool dude. I really enjoyed getting to know him and teaching him these past three years. He has come a long way since 4th grade. Back then he had trouble staying in his chair and being focused. Now he is a very mature, responsible leader in our class. Loreay is a very honest person who would always be willing to help his classmates. He also has a relaxed personality, good sense of humor, and lots of friends. Like me, he is a big fan of import cars, so we would sometimes chat about the different cars we wish we had. I will have his younger brother in my next class, so I know I will still keep in touch with Loreay in the future. I am very proud of everything he has accomplished. Way to go Loreay!