Maritza's webpage

My Autobiography

Hi, I am Maritza and I am 12 years old. I was born on March 16, 2000. I have three brothers named Lazario Jr, Sergio, and Santiago. I have three sisters too named Teresa, Alejandra, and Blanca. When I was born I had a hole in my heart, but little by little it closed. When I was about 5 years old I broke my left arm. A kid that was older than me pushed me out of the jumper. I couldn't move it, so my parents took me to the hospital and the doctor put in two needles to keep it in place. When I was 10 years old I went to the doctor to get my tunsals taken out because I couldn't breath. I did my first holy communion, wore a long white dress with a half cut white jacket with a white crown, and I had my hair up in a cylinder top shape. When I get older I would have to have a quiencenera, but I don't want to dance, I just want to sing instead. I have traveled to many places and some of them are: San Diego, Mexico, and lots of other places that I can’t remember. I go to school at Earl Warren ever since I was in preschool; I met cool friends and a nice teacher. My teacher is Mr. Castro and he is cool and humorous. I have cool friends that are real and I can trust them which I call them BFFFL. At home I usually start my homework if I have any, but if I didn’t then I would draw or watch TV. I would annoy my sisters and brother because I knew it would make them mad, but I would get in trouble.

My Interest/Hobbies

I like to listen to music because it calms me down if I am angry or if I am sad. I like to do anything that has to do with music like singing and dancing. I love to sing my heart out because it makes me so happy and people can see how I sing like not just that quiet person in the corner. I don’t know why, but I like to dance weirdly because it is funny and fun. My favorite boy band is One Direction because I think they are great singers for my opinion. My favorite dance crew is Iconic Boyz because I think they are great dancers for my opinion. I like playing video games because it is entertaining and fun to do. The games I like playing is MW3, Alice in Wonderland Madness Return, Mortal Kombat, and Little Big Planet. I love doing boxing because it is fun; I mostly play it with my sisters and brothers but only if I have time. I like to draw things, because it is fun to do and you can draw hard things if you are a beginner. I know that because I didn’t know how to draw, until I went on a webpage of drawing and it showed me how to draw the picture step by step. I like to take pictures, because I think it is fun and I like taking pictures of myself and my BFFFL.

Earl Warren Experience

Earl Warren is a great school because people will not make you feel down. In 4th grade it was fun because my teacher made learning fun and we went to cool feild trips. My teacher would put life storys in the math lessons or we would act it out. If we had extra time and we worked extra hard; he would take us outside to play dodgeball or some kind of sport. In 5th grade we went to field trips such as: Splash, River Cats Game, and ice skating. I had so much fun there because it was my first time going to those things. In 6th grade we did more advanced learning. We did some cool tecnology prodjects. He would show us how to use certain buttons to do certain things. We even made projects about our life. We went to cool feild trips to Sly Park and Sun Splash. When we got done with star testing, my teacher would teach us lessons from the next grade level that we would be going to. We would also go outside in the morning to play sports such as soccer and dodgeball. For my opinion I had a lot of great memories at this school.