My Life

Hi my name is Martin. I was born in a small town called Los prietos on October 30, 2000. Los Prietos is located in Guanajuato, Mexico. After I was born my family decided to move to California. When we got there we had to live with my aunt and uncle until my parents found jobs. My dad found a job as a landscaper, and my mom is a house keeper. After my parents had enough money to buy a house we moved out. About nine months after I turned three my baby sister was born. I wasn’t sad but I was bummed that it was a girl and not a boy, but I was still happy. Her name was Sofia. After another three years my baby brother panchito was born.  I was happy that I had a little brother, but my sister was crying her eyes out. After he was born my sister and I did not get along because she didn’t have a little sister instead. i have gone to five schools, and in every school I went to I stayed for one grade and left to another. Even though I moved a lot I still made lots of friends. I made so many I can’t even count. Now that I moved here to earl warren I made even more.


earl warren experience

i have been to many schools before, but none of them were as great as Earl though. this was my first year a lot of friends, mostly my whole class. I also learned a lot of new things here. sometimes I would have no idea what he was talking about until he taught. Mr.Castro was one of the best teachers I ever had. He explained things clearly, and pushed me to do my best unlike other teachers who let me pass with an “ok” grade.  He really inspired me to do my best. Out of everything I said the best part was sly park because it was a lot of fun.  I made a lot of friends there, the hikes were fun but tiring. It was a very fun trip.


i have many interests in my life but these but are the ones I like the most. One of my interests was bmx riding,  i was realy good at it and i still   know  how  to do  tricks , but i  don't ride as much.   an other  interest of mine  were  vidieo  games  i  dont  have  many  games  and  i  dont like playing  the same  one  twise. another  interest is candy. i love candy the kind that  i like the most are reseces cups, twix, m&m's,  and musketeers.


teacher's message

Unfortunately, martin was only able to be in our class for the 6th grade. fortunately, he made the most out of it and had a great year! i remember the first week of school when i was getting to know martin. i realized then that he is much more intelligent than his test scores from previous grades had showed. he just needed someone to give him a little push to help him do his best. at the beginning of the year, he struggled getting all of his work done. however, by the end of the year he had developed into a hard worker. another thing i noticed that i really liked was that martin started participating more in class. this made me happy because martin often had great things to add to the discussions. one amazing talent he has is for drawing and art. i would sometimes see the coolest drawings in his notebook as i went around checking homework every morning. he produced many wonderful pieces during our art lessons. martin also had a cool sense of style that clearly was influenced from his interest in bmx. i know that if martin continues doing the things he did in 6th grade, he has a bright future ahead of him. keep up the good work!