Miguel's Webpage


Hi my name is Miguel. I was born on August 22, 2000 and I am 11 years old. What I like to do is play video games just like other guys do. The games that I play are “Super Street Fighter 4”, “Marvel vs Capcom 3”, and “Tekken 6”. In games, I am really into games that involve ferocious fighting. Since I like fighting games, it kind of inspired me to go to karate. Karate is a skill to learn to defend yourself and fight back. Most of the time you would have to defend yourself than fighting others. Since I mostly do this in summer, I might as well watch TV because there is nothing to do when I’m bored of games. The TV shows I watch are “Pokémon”, “Americas Most Wanted”, and “Animal Planet”. Once summer is over, I would go to school which is kind of the worst subject in my opinion. In my school, Earl Warren, I work hard and my teacher, Mr. Castro, appreciates it. Though I don’t like school, I try my best to get good grades, so to me school isn’t really that bad.


For my interests I like dodgeball, games, and animals. Dodgeball is a sport and also my favorite sport of all, because it is very active to me and very fun when you are playing in my opinion. What I like about it is when you throw, it is no mercy on how you throw because dodgeball is kind of a rough sport. To not get out, you can dodge the ball or scoop the ball without dropping it. Once you scoop the ball up you can get ready to aim and then launch the ball. So, that is how dodgeball is to me. For video games I’m really into fighting games a lot. The games I like to play are “Super Street Fighter 4”, “Tekken 6”, and “Marvel vs Capcom 3”. I like these games because I have a passion for fighting.  The characters I play with, for all three games, have different techniques of fighting in their own style. “Super Street Fighter 4” can play online battles, player vs player battles, and computer player battles. The characters that I use are Chun-li and Ryu because they have good moves to fight with. One of Chun-li’s main moves are spinning bird kick, kikoken, and hazanchu (axe kick). One of Ryu’s main moves is hadoken, and shroken. For “Tekken 6”, they have similar techniques to “Super Street Fighter 4”. They are similar because the have simple combos and they both are a category of fighting. “Marvel vs Capcom 3” is very different to “Super Street Fighter 4” and “Tekken 6”. It is different because they have fast combos, it has mode to select, and has clear graphics. The character’s I chose are Chun-li, Amaterus, and Morrigan. When I use this team I am very good with them because I always use them. The modes they use are simple and normal mode. I would use simple mode because it is easier in my opinion. Though I have these games with me I will always like them and value them forever.


Earl Warren Experience

The first time I went to “Earl Warren”, I was very shy to speak to my new classmates. Then when I met Mr. Castro at the multicultural fair, I shook hands with him and started telling me what the rules were in his classroom. Once I got to talk to one of my classmates I became friends with everybody. I have been with Mr. Castro for two years and it was fun with him in the two years. The school had many different things compared to my old school. The new things they have are dodgeball, activities for families and students, and uniform. When I first went to my classroom, my classmates and I played dodgeball. When I was playing the first time I didn’t know how to play and I got out very often. Now that I play that sport, which I like, I got a lot better in dodgeball. The family activities they have are multicultural fair, science night, and other activities for families and students. Sometimes I would go to those family activities and sometimes I won’t, but I do go because their activities are very fun. And when I got here I never knew a school had a uniform policy in the district. So, then I had to were uniform which I did not like because it feels uncomfortable and not my style. For now that I am a Earl Warren student, I will always keep in touch with my teacher, friends, and the school.

Teacher's Message 

Miguel has come a long way in many areas during his time in our class. At first, he really struggled in math and his work habits needed some improvement. Fortunately, this kid has a lot of heart and dedication. He worked hard to catch up and by 6th grade was doing really well. Miguel is a very kind and thoughtful person. He is always very considerate of other people's feelings. I really enjoyed talking to him about karate, dodgeball, or video games. One area where I saw Miguel really excel was dodgeball. In my opinion, he was one of the smartest players on the court. He used strategy very well and as a result was often one of the last players in the game. His team was even able to win some of the challenging tournaments we had against the other 6th grade class. Miguel and I also had an ongoing battle out on the court. Some games he would get me out and others I would get him out. We always joked around about who was going to win the next time. I think Miguel will make an excellent doctor someday. His caring for others will help him do well in that field. Miguel, thanks for always working so hard and for treating everyone around you with such respect. Keep in touch!