About Me :]

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I was born on September 29, 2000. In my family I have one brother, three sisters, an aunt, one uncle, two parents, and my grandparents. I went to Earl Warren from 3rd grade till 6th.The games I like to play are Call of Duty, Zombies, and many more. I like to be in big events like in talent shows with other people like in big shows where parents, friends, uncles, and aunts come and see you preform or dance. Many places that I want to travel to are Santa Barbara and San Jose, go camping different places, and go see other places out there that I haven't been to in my life. When I go to a middle school, high school, or college I would choose friends that are honest, never lie to a friend, and never get into a fight, or don't do anything bad, or really nothing like doing drugs, and helping your friends when they are stuck on something. Like helping them on there own homework when they don't understand it or other stuff they don't even know how to do anyway.


My Hobbies

My hobbies are playing Modern Warfare 3 with my best friends like Ted, Loreay, and Jason. My other hobbies are call of duty black ops and playing with my best friends. My other type is that I like watching movies or cartoons on Nickelodeon such as SpongeBob Square Pants. I  listen to hip/pop songs and rap songs, but I don't really listen to country music. I like to play dodgeball with my class and like learning about it and like catching.

Earl Warren Experience

We went to Sly Park where you to bring your clothes for Monday though Friday and bring a coat so that when it rains you don't get soak. My other experience is when you climb the wall in the gym there are the easy, medium, and hardest but it wasn't that hard. When you went hiking and you have to hike all the way then come back. Sometimes they take you to the animal room where you touch animal like hamster, rabbit, snake, and touch animal fur. When you went to the night hike and build your shelter. My other one would be Splash were you went over there and they give you a survey what type of animal you see there. They would give you a cup and you would scoop up some water and you will see tiny little creature and you can see them. Then you come back they take you somewhere, and you look through something and you suppose to answer the question.


My Achievements

I got better at sports like dodgeball and other sports that I haven't played before like soccer. I got kind of good at soccer now and catching the ball in dodgeball. My other achievements is that I used to be in below basic but I went up to basic. I was proud of myself that I did a good job. My last other achievements is when Mr. Castro pick the people who speak so low that he can't hear. It was me and some other of my classmates. He gave us a passage then we have to speak very loud so that he can hear. If he hear us he will tell us that we can go out to recess and play.


Teacher's Message

Mike (or Mikey as his classmates often called him) was a popular student in Room 14. He also had two personalities. The first was the quiet kid in class, but the other was the funny, wild man outside of school. I know this because the other kids would often share about things Mike was doing outside of school. Mike was a VERY hard worker and came to school everyday ready to give it his best effort. As a result, he improved in many areas. One major strength he had was his homework. It was always done so well (and unlike his classmates) I never had to remind him to write more neatly or do it more carefully. I remember getting many compliments from other teachers who worked with Mike. They would tell me about how hard he tried in their class and how much they appreciated it. This quality in him is going to help him a great deal in the future. Thanks Mike for being such a good student, and I wish you the best of luck in the future!