Welcome to Nelson's Webpage

My Life

Hi my name is Nelson. I was born in December 16, 1999; I’m 12 years old right now going to be 13. My life is boring at home but not at school because my friends make it fun anywhere I go with them. I live in Sacramento in a small house with two rooms, three plasmas, two laptops, and one computer. Who live there are my mom, dad, small brother, big brother, and me. School is fun and I have the coolest/awesome teacher, an awesome class, and a school that is fun because we play soccer that is my favorite sport and dodgeball but dodge ball isn’t my favorite sport. Mr. Castro is my teacher. He’s funny, cool, and one of my favorite teachers and the best teacher in the world. I play at the park with my friends and some can’t because their parents don’t let them so they walk home or get picked up.

Earl Warren Experience

I was here at my school in 2nd grade, but the second grade was full so I got send to another school. Then in 3rd grade I came back and that time I had Mrs. Roseberryais my second favorite teacher. Then in 4th 5th 6th grade I had my brother’s old teacher Mr. Castro. He showed us how to play kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, and the best sport ever is soccer because it’s my favorite thing in the world. We were supposed to win the teachers in staff vs. students but the staff won. That day I was happy even though we lost because both of my teams won but the others people teams lost.


I achieved not being as lazy because I used to take ten hours just to finish my homework. Now it takes me just one or two hours so now I play outside more than I use to so I love my life now more than use to. I achieved getting gold medals on the CST so I'm proud of myself each time I get a gold medal. I achieved waking up early at 7:30 instead of 9:30.

My Goals

My goal is to have a great year at Will C. Wood next year. My goal in the future is to go to high school with my brother. In middle school I hope I make it on the soccer team. My goal is to play soccer my whole life and become the world’s best soccer player. My goal is to be in Mexico on the soccer team or on a soccer team that I like. Mostly my goals are about soccer. If I don’t become a soccer player I will for sure finish college. If I finish college and I didn’t become a soccer player thenI would become a teacher for fourth through sixth graders.

Teacher's Message

Nelson is the second person in his family that I had the pleasure of teaching. In my last loop, I taught his older brother David and boy are they very different people! David was very calm and reserved, and Nelson was the opposite of that. Nelson loved the spotlight and making people laugh. His student number was the number one, which meant that each week he was the first person to share Monday morning. He would usually tell everyone a funny story and make us all laugh, which was a good way to begin the week. Everyone in our class also loved the fact that Nelson was king of the Box Tops. He would bring in a ton of them that helped us win many pizza parties. Like he mentioned above, Nelson is very passionate about soccer; he is also a very intense competitor and doesn't like to lose. Our class would see that fighting spirit each time we were out playing dodgeball or soccer together. Nelson also brought this into the classroom. No matter how long it took, Nelson always kept working and working until he finished a test. He would sometimes be the last one done, but even then he would work out every problem until he was satisfied with the work. I really appreciated this about him. I know that if he continues doing this, then he will be able to achieve his goals both in and out of class. I look forward to watching him score goals and leading his team to victory next year in middle school!


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