My Story:

            Hi my name is Nina, I was born on December 6,1999. I have one little sister and two older brothers. I have a pet genie pig name Chibi. I have long hair. I am Laos, Thai, a little bit Mexican, etc. My school is Earl Warren Elementary school. I have been to Earl Warren for 3 years. When I was little I used to play outside a lot with my friends and hang out on top of the tree. I loved to play with my friends because I would have a lot of fun with them and it’s good for me to make new friends. When I moved to Sacramento, I was happy and nervous because I didn’t really know people around the area I had lived in. I was scared to make new friends because I was really shy when I met new people, but then I faced my fears and just made new friends. I was proud that I made new friends. If I didn’t I would be scared and shy and I would never have a happy life like I have now. I experienced a lot when I came to Sacramento because I really didn’t know how to speak English well, but now I learned how to speak English very well because I have a wonderful teacher named Mr. Castro. I had a best friend name Yesenia. She was like a sister to me, she is Mexican. She was always there for me and I was always there for her when she got hurt or she would be there for me if I got hurt. She always could keep my secrets and I would keep hers. I think of her as my sister because she told me that I could trust her, and she really earned the trust between me and her.

Earl Warren Experience:

             When I came to Earl Warren I experience a lot. I learned how to have a positive attitude. Now everyday I come with a positive attitude. When I went to Earl Warren I experienced a lot at Sly Park. When I went to Sly Park they told me which cabin I would go in to. I had a lot of fun. I went hiking and they showed, me how to do some fun activities. The best part that I liked at Sly Park was to go to the animal shelter because I love animals and they are cool to look at. They have animal skin that I would feel. I love learning especially when I have an awesome teacher. I learn in Earl Warren. I learned how to play dodgeball and other sports. I get like 3 or 4 pages of homework, but it helps me learn a lot because I focus on the homework a lot. I got perfect homework award for doing my homework everyday. I was really happy when I got perfect homework because it was my first award of getting perfect homework. I experienced that I should be a leader and not a follower because a leader will lead you good things in the future and a follower will sometimes lead you to a bad things in life which is not good for you and it is nothing that will help you in the future.


            I liked candy since I was young. I still like candy, but my mom tells me when I eat a lot of candy I will get cavities. I like listening to music when I get bored at home. Music is entertaining to me because when I feel down I would listen to music and it cheers me up.  I love eating ice-cream. I like ice-cream because it is very tasteful and good. Especially I like ice-cream when its summer because it gets really hot and I need to eat something cold. Hello Kitty is my favorite cartoon character. Hello Kitty is my favorite cartoon character because it is a good show for little kids or even for adults. I like Hello Kitty because it is a cute cartoon charter that is a kitty. My favorite cartoon show is Adventure Time. I like the cartoon show Adventure Time because it is entertaining how they go on adventures and help save people that need help or somebody has a problem. I love animals; I love animals because they are very cute and loving. I like animals that don’t hurt me. Animals are like my friends because when my friends leave to go out somewhere with there family I would play with my pet animals as if they were my friends. My favorite thing is to play with my friends. I like playing with my friends because it helps me get to know my friends more and I would like play sports with them and it helps me by getting fitness and ready for the teacher’s vs. students game.


-To graduate high school and get my degree

-Go to college

-Find a job and a house

-Try to become a doctor or a vet.

Teacher's Message:

            It has been lots of fun having Nina in our class. She is a very quiet and shy person in class, but worked on things like speaking louder and participating more. It has worked because I have noticed a big change in her since she started. To help encourage her, I would pull her aside to have conversations with me. I think this helped her and it allowed me to get to know her better. Nina is a hard worker and responsible person. She would always complete her work and do her best. I was proud of the progress she made in her English, math, and language arts. Nina is also a thoughtful and kind person. She would always be willing to help anyone who needed it and was a good teammate to have in a group. I wish Nina the best in the future and hope her love for animals leads her to achieve her goal of becoming a veternarian. Good work Nina!