Ricardo's webpage


My Story

My name is Ricardo. I was born on July 25, 2000. I lived in Sacramento, CA. I was born in Sutter Hospital. At first the doctors told my parents that they were going to have a girl and when I was born they told my parents that they had a boy. they showed me to my parents and the doctors gave an apology about the mistake. I have two sisters and I’m the only boy in the family. I was a middle child in my mom side and in my dad side, I was the youngest. I’m always the show off from my mom’s side because that was my specialty to do in front of my cousins. On my dad’s side I’m more regular and not a show off because that was my cousin’s job. I went to school at Ethel I. Baker and to Earl Warren and they treated me very well. I left Ethel I. Baker in second grade. I left that school to come to Earl Warren. I was shy at first, but then I made a lot of friends. I have 13 cousins in my mom’s side, but in my dad’s side I have 20 cousins. I have a very big family in both sides of my family. My grandma and grandpa from my dad’s side both died when I was just about 6 years old and that day was very emotional for my family and my cousins family because my cousin's mom is my mom’s sister and my cousin's dad is my dad's brother, so it is kind of weird. My grandma and grandpa from my mom’s side are alive and I have a great time being with them. 


Earl Warren Experience  

When I entered 2nd grade summer school, I was pretty good at math facts because I was one of the best in my class. When school was over I went to third grade and I had a lot of trouble in math, but my teacher never gave up on me, so I went on a field trip to a fruit stand and I learned about fruits. When I started 4th grade, I had a great teacher. When we went roller skating he helped me, but I kept on falling but he kept telling me to keep on trying. In 5th grade I went ice skating to downtown and I saw the mayor of Sacramento Kevin Jonson. In 5th we went to Splash and we learned a lot about critters and how they live. In 6th grade we went to Sly Park and I learn how to hike, climb a rock wall, and I learned how to live with other people in a cabin. The cabin's name that I was in was the RattleSnakes and in the carnival we won a trophy and we made a new record of getting the most tickets. We did a song and a skit with our cabin. We went on hikes that were hard and we played games with some kids. We played tug-o-war and we lost to a girl’s cabin. So we got mad a little bit but we admitted defeat. We got breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We went over water that was rushing very quickly and I fell and got all wet.



What I like

  My favorite things to do are play soccer and dodgeball with my friends. I enjoy playing games like Fifa and Call of Duty. I like to watch soccer games with my cousin and my favorite teams are Chivas, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. 

I like to collect Hot Wheels cars and play with them. I like to watch movies and my favorite movie I watched was The Avengers with the super heroes like Thor, Iron man, Captain America, and my favorite of all is Hulk. My favorite food is Mexican food because I really like it. I also like to dance when I hear music because I like to dance to it. I like to look at shoes and my favorite shoes are Nikes because I think they are awesome. One of my favorite songs I like is Pay Phone because Maroon 5 and Wiz Kalifa are in it and the song is very sad to me but not really. My favorite artist is Bruno Mars because he makes good songs that I like and he is a good artist to listen to. My favorite song that I like is a song called Wake Me up When September Ends and the band is Green Day.


teacher's message  

Ricardo is my hero! i have never had any student help me as much as ricardo has. ricardo's mom worked in the cafeteria and got there really early in the morning. therefore ricardo would often get there very early as well. he would come to class early and help me set up for the day. he would turn on computers, put down the chairs, grade papers, and more. ricardo was also the otter Pop Master! not only did he help sell them everyday, but he also would tear the majority of them apart, which was a ton of work. ricardo and i have a lot in common. both of us are big sports fans. we would talk a lot about soccer, basketball, and even hockey. we also both love music and he told me about lots of songs that i hadn't heard of before. ricardo is an extremely hard worker and made a lot of progress in many areas. in fact he was our class math fact champion a few times. near the end of the year, our class played a lot of soccer. i didn't know that ricardo was such a good goalie until then. ricardo is the only student in our class headed to oak park prep middle school. i know he will make lots of new friends there, and hopefully he will be able to stay in touch with the friends he made at earl warren. thank you very much ricardo for everything!