Welcome  To  My  Life:

Hi my name is Shawn I was born on February 12, 2000. I was a naughty kid and got in fights with my cousin. That was when I was a kid now I’m a better kid (still evil). My school is called Earl Warren. I think it’s a good school but, something tells me that it’s going to get worse. I’m going to get out of this fast. Then I’ll come to this classroom again (room 14). It’s a good school still I’m not saying that it’s evil. My teacher is Mr. Castro he is a great teacher but not the best and he was my first guy teacher. I always want a guy teacher but I keep on getting girl teachers which I didn’t like. Anyway, what I eat most is rice every time its rice. I think I was born that way and I’m an eating machine. If I eat rice with meat and you see me doing this in the cafeteria then people will get scared of me. I have five brothers and three sisters plus me. We don’t get along that much, but sometimes we do get along. Some of them are funny and not so much. I don’t really like some of my sisters and brothers because there mean and they lie.

Welcome To My Earl Warren Experience:

     I really like when we went to Sly Park and learn mostly about nature and keeping the Earth healthy. My teacher was a lady and a guy but they switch each day. I mostly like the guy teacher because he had a spaceship and that was awesome. With the lady just talked and tell us thing that we don’t know. When we went to our first hike there was trees everywhere and there was a tree and she told are group to eat the leaf and I did. It tastes like mint and fresh nature. The leaf was great, but I mostly like the hot coco. There was some scat and it was coyote scat. That was my favorite part of the day. The popular sports in Earl Warren School are soccer and dodgeball. The P.E. is fun if you have a good behavior. The hardest part of stretching is that I can’t touch my toe.

Welcome To My Hobbies:

    Playing games is my best hobby. Which sometimes I stop, wonder, and think then again? Its homework because there’s homework every day. Why is there homework? Is it to get smart and get a good life? Well what is it? Anyway songs are very unique because there are lots of genre and more different songs that have meaning of it. It could change lives and yours too. Playing is my 3rd favorite hobby. Getting exercise is healthy and good for you because it helps your bone. I don’t do exercise but my teacher (Mr. Castro) tells us to do it every morning. Then I start to like exercise I felt good and bad.