My Autobiography

Hi, my name is Shiksha. I am tweleve years old. I was born in Fiji Islands in the Suva hospital at two o’clock a.m. My mom and dad met in Fiji and got married. My brother was born in Fiji Island on July 28, 1993. My family came to America when my dad got a green card, and I was only one year old when I came to America in 2000 and my brother was only eight years old. When I came to the USA, I lived in an apartment. After three years my family bought a house. I have a mom, a dad, and an older brother who is eighteen years old now. I went to Earl Warren when I first came to my new house. I started to go to Earl Warren when I was five years old and started kindergarten. Since my brother is in college, I have to stay with my aunt and uncle on Wednesdays and on the weekends. When it’s summer I sometimes travel to Los Angles and Disneyland with my mom and dad. My grandma and grandpa had come to America to visit, but when Christmas was coming; my grandma had gotten a stroke and went to Sutter hospital. After she was discharged at night, the next she felt dizzy, so my family took her to the hospital and stayed there until twelve o' clock at midnight. When I received a call from my dad that my cousin's sister and her family were going to pick my brother and me, I knew that something was fishy. When I reached the hospital I heard people crying and it was my mom and dad, and then I saw my grandma dead. I stayed in the hospital for one week after school was going to open without and food. I have many cousins in Fiji and two or four cousins in the USA. I have a lot of cousins from my mom and dad side. My mom has one brother and one sister. My dad has three brothers and four sisters. Every year on October one week before the twenty-sixth I have a cultural event, Diwali, day of lights which means my relatives light up candles around the house. Now I will start my new life in seventh grade.


My Earl Warren Experience

My life in Earl Warren has been since I started kindergarten. I have met a wonderful use to be principal, Mrs.Moua and our new principal Mrs.Olsen. My kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Chavez; my first grade teacher was Mrs.Yee; my second grade teacher was Mrs.Fong; my third grade teacher was Mrs.Winslow; and my favorite three year teacher Mr. Castro. Mr. Castro is very funny and a nice person. He always makes us laugh on every subject. He taught the class a sport called dodgeball which is very fun. My favorite subject since I started school is and always will be math because it uses operations and variables. The awards I get are always perfect homework and attendance and some are honor student. Whenever it is the STAR test award I get silver and gold medals for English language arts and math. My favorite sports are dodgeball and kickback. Kickback is a sport where you kick the ball to the other side and try to catch it. In fourth and fifth grade I went to Sly Park for one week. It was on March twelth through March sixteenth. It was very cold over there and it was raining. I ate good foods and made new friends. The STAR test is a very important test for me because it is the state test and you have to take your time. Now that is my experience in Earl Warren. In fourth grade I went skating and it was roller-skating and ice-skating. I have been participating in activities like Peer Mediation since I was in fourth grade. Peer Mediation is a group of kids like four or five of them where you go outside the playground and solve conflicts. The Kings represent our school and they come to school with cheerleaders, players, Slamson the mascot, and the rap dancers. I also went to the stadium and got a certificate of sportsmanship exercise.



My goal in middle school is to try to get good grades like A+ because in sixth grade I got around 80% through 100%. I also want to be a math nerd because I love math and I am doing seventh grade math in my elementary school after I was done with my STAR test. My goal in high school is to try to get a scholarship like my brother, because when I will go to college my parents won’t have to pay anything. In college, I want to be the third person in my family to graduate and get a degree because my dad graduated already and my brother has two more years left of college. When I am an adult I want to be a doctor, because my parents are persuading me to be one. I also want to buy a big house when I will be a doctor for my parents to live in. I want to be on Dr. Oz because when I become a doctor so I can tell and show the world about different types of medicines they never knew about. I am so scared to talk to a big crowd, so when I go in seventh grade I could talk on the stage. When I go to middle school I want to work with new people. I never knew how to work with new people because I am used to working with my friends and classmates. Since, I have been done STAR testing I want to try to get a trophy.


My Hobbies

I love sports because you get exercise. My favorite sports are dodgeball, kickback, volleyball, and basketball. I have only one board game and it is Monopoly, deluxe pack. My favorite cartoon is SpongeBob SquarePants because he is a funny sponge. My favorite movie is all about Cinderella because it is most likely fairytales and scary movies because it creeps you out. My favorite game on the Wii is Super Mario Party Pack because you get to meander around, and complete levels. My other favorite game systems are PS3 because you can play cool and awesome games like Racers and WWE All-stars. I like to go on the internet and search pictures of what I like and listen to my favorite music. I like to go to new places that I never went to like San Diego and Sun Splash. I like watching TV because I like to watch my favorite shows and cartoons. Whenever I come from school I am very lethargic and I want to sleep, but I can’t because I have homework to do and chores to finish. I like to swim every summer. I always go to my cousin sister’s house and whenever they are swimming, I feel like swimming and I do.


Teacher's Message

Shiksha is a hard working student and takes school very seriously. During a home visit, I learned that her name actually means "education" which is a perfect fit for her. She often would go beyond the assignment and do more than was required. This type of attitude will definitely help Shiksha get ahead in the future. She was a leader in our classroom and often volunteered to assist other kids if they needed it. She also would stay after school and help me turn off the computers and clean up. Two major changes I saw in her was her confidence in front of the class and her interest in sports. Each week our class does sharing, and Shiksha would do a great job even though it probably made her nervous at first. In fourth grade, she was not that interested in sports. However, by sixth grade she always participated and played hard out there. Shiksha comes from a very supportive and proud family. I know she will be able to meet her goals in the future. Aim high and you will get there Shiksha!