(Yes this is Diseyland the one I went to)

On the day I was born it was February 9, 2000. I had only 1 sibling who was my older sister was named Victoria. My family was poor and so we had to live in an apartment for a while until I was 3 years old. When I moved into my current house it was all shiny and new, but I forgotten what it used to look like so now all I know it was shiny. I went to a school called Earl Warren and it was fun but I will explain that in my experience. Places I have traveled were not much but my longest road trip was when I went to L.A to go to Disneyland and it was mostly boring because I had to go to many long walks for the malls and Disneyland, but the worst part was that I had the most boring time there since the rides were mostly kiddy rides so I was kind of upset. My other was San Francisco and it was really fun over there because I got to go to Chinatown in the morning to help me work out with carrying the bags or walking. Then I would go to San Jose after that to the Great Mall which is true since it is a really great mall. I would get some coffee even if I am to young to drink it, find things I usually want to see than my common mall, and eat mostly because I love food. My common thing to do is accepting challenges that I can or can not overcome so I can prepare things for myself in the future in order if I have to survive after in a lost of a war (yes I know I am violent, no need to judge)

Earl Warren Experience

My time here at Earl Warren was the best time of my life ever since I started making friends because they really made me laugh and was very competitive when it comes to playing a sport like dodgeball. Also before the 6th grade, I usually didn’t wanted to play outside since I was chubby. I would just help the teacher with work like correcting math, sharpening the pencils, and passing out the papers. The rest of my time I was skinny so now I love to play sports and even making people think I am weird. When I went to Sly Park with the fellow 6th graders, it was the best time of my life even if it was raining because I made new friends, experience nature, and also participated more, I had trouble sleeping in my cabin though since everyone decided to fart, turn on their flashlights, or even slap people while they were sleeping. My field trips this year were fun and boring, but Sunsplash would make it better because I get to hang out with my friends and even spend time to the people I wouldn’t usually talk to.

My Hobbies/Interest

My favorite things to do as of right now are to play Call of Duty even if it’s not mature of me to play, Maplestory just for the fun of it to destroy monsters, listening to music because I am way too awesome like that, and finally sleeping since I am a lazy person who stays in the couch or bed on the weekends. The interests I love to do are making new friends so I can be surrounded by people, eating food since I love to eat as much as I could eat, playing sports just for the people to watch me as I work out, and helping out people when they are struggling just because I want to make people turn their frowns upside down.


The achievement I already met was fantastic and here are some of them I would like to share to you. The 1st achievement I’ve made was becoming a Pokémon master and captured all the Pokémon to make them all to lv 100 per each one. 2nd achievement was to lose some pounds because I didn’t want to be overweight and become the person who doesn’t have that many friends while in middle school or high school. 3rd achievement was trying something out new like when I was in karate, I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to start making new friends with people I didn’t know. It was terrible at the beginning since I didn’t know the basics or even how to spar, but it became easy after making my first friend. 4th achievement was that I finally come to school everyday because I wouldn’t like to wake up early when I was just a toddler so I would wake up at 12:30pm and would go out to my living room, open the TV, find some food, and then lie down on the couch for the whole day until my mom would come home. 5th achievement was to finally reach my achievement that I written on top so it made me proud even though I’m always proud.


Teacher's Message

I first met Ted when he was in first grade because his sister, Victoria, was in my fourth grade class back then. Ted changed so much during his time in our class, it is interesting to look back at how he was in fourth grade compared to sixth grade. Back then he kept more to himself, but now he loves getting attention from others. He has a good sense of humor, so he would often entertain the class with funny stories during sharing. He is also much more competitive out on the playground. I liked how he would always try to catch the ball in dodgeball, even when it came from a very hard thrower. In fact, he caught a number of my hard throws over the years. Ted is very intelligent and especially advanced in math. He has the potential to do very well in the middle and high school as long as he stays focused on school. He comes from a very supportive and generous family. Every once in a while, Ted would show up with some egg rolls that his mom had made for me. This always made me very happy. Good job and good luck Ted!