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About Me:

Hello, my name is Tiana and I’m 11 years old. My birthday is on August 30, and I was born at Sutter Memorial Hospital. My favorite colors are blue and gray. I stand as the 4th child born and I’m the most mature one. My height is currently 5’0 and people say I’m a good height for a 6th grader. I have five other half-siblings named: Rowan, Jocelyn, Jacob, Malina, and Vue Jr. I am Laotian, Thai, and Cambodian. For Laos/Thai/Cambodian New Years, it’s basically around the same time, Mid-April. At New Year’s, I hang out with friends, play water fight, or just walk around and buy food.  I currently live and was born in Sacramento, California. In the Summer of ’10, I went to North Carolina with my bother Rowan and sister Jocelyn. We mostly stayed at my dad’s house and sometimes my dad would let me sleep over at my friend’s house. In August of that year, my brother went back to Sacramento and my Sister and I where stuck by ourselves. On this one day, my Uncle James took us to a swimming place, left us there, and went fishing with his friends. We stayed there for a few hours. We grew bored so we went out of the building and went outside. We waited for 30 minutes and my uncle finally came, we went home, got dressed, and went to a party.  By the end of August, my dad threw a party for me, because it was my 10th  birthday. At the end of the party, I made $200, and the next day, my dad took my sister and me shopping at the mall. On September 1, we left and went home. I WAS SO HAPPY! My mom threw a party for me because I wasn’t with her at the time. At the end of the night, I made $150. I did some more shopping, and ended up with no money left.

When I was younger, I moved to Iowa with my grandma, step-grandpa, older brother, and sister. From preschool to 2nd grade I went to East Elementary. During winter, it would always snow and I would make snow-angels at school. At the beginning of 3rd grade, I moved to Sacramento and stayed with my grandpa. Fruitridge Elementary is where I went for 3rd grade, but I only went for a few months. My mom finally found an apartment by Will C. Wood Middle School and for the rest of third and fourth grade, I went to Elder Creek. I made lots of new friends there.

Over the years, I moved a lot, and I happened to live near Max Baer Park. That park is really dirty and a lot of people trash it. For 5th-6th grade, I went to the best school ever, Earl Warren Elementary. I had the BEST times of my life. I met my friends named: Chee, Nina, Kathleen, Eshaya, Fernanda, Juana, Alexis, Vanessa, Erika H., Erika B., Maritza, Loreay, Ricardo, Emiliano, and LOTS more. That’s mostly my WHOLE life until today.


Earl Warren Experience:

My Earl Warren Experience was awesome! My teacher, Mr. Castro, taught me how to be a good leader, so in Middle School and High School, I don’t end up in jail or dead. On the 5th Grade CST’s scores, I got a Perfect 600 score on Math and Proficient on ELA and Science. So far, 6th grade was the best year ever! The 6th graders went to Sly Park (which is a nature place you can sleep at), and even though it was raining, I still enjoyed it. We went on hikes, had carnivals, played dodgeball, etc. My favorite memories at Sly Park were meeting new friends like: Ariana, Shakyra, Sophie, Jacob, Calvin, Vanessa, Cristina, Maria, Laura, Nelly, Gaby, and more amazing people. Also, on the first night there, Black Oak (my group) beat Rattlesnake (a boy's group) in tug-o-war. Later in the week, we had a little group that went on hikes and did activities. When we came back, weeks later we took the 6th grade CST. It was very long and boring, but I still managed to get past it. After everyone was done testing, we did some cool activities for extended day like: soccer, talent shows, etc. That’s basically my whole Earl Warren experience, but mostly, I’m waiting until I get promoted on June 13th.


My favorite sports teams are the Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Saints. One Direction is my favorite boy band because of their singing, especially Zayn Malik’s and Harry Styles. Some shoes I like wearing are: Vans, Converse, Jordan’s, Boots, Saltwater’s, and that’s it. I like to go swimming, and I know how to swim well. My FAVORITE famous people in the whole wide world are: Vinny Castronovo, One Hunned, Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles, Nick Mara, Joey Diamond, D-Pryde, Lil-Crazed, and Kid Rainen. My favorite movie is Cyberbully, because it teaches a lesson about internet. Whenever I watch TV, I usually watch ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew), Hawaii-Five 0, Nickelodeon, and MTV Shows. My two favorite dance crews are the Iconic Boyz and the Jabbowockeez (I don’t know how to spell it.) Hello Kitty and Domo are stuffed animals that I like. Aeropostale, Forever 21, Zumiez, and Hot Topic are my favorite stores to shop/go to when I’m at Arden Mall or Downtown. At school, I love to play dodgeball with my class or Room 15. I think I’m not that good, but other people think differently. During my spare time, I like singing songs from random artists. My hobby is going on Facebook (internet website). On there, I usually talk to my friends or just take pictures. The other thing I do best is texting. Homework is the least favorite thing I like to do.


Teacher's Message

When Tiana joined our class in the fifth grade, I quicky noticed how intelligent and responsible she was. Since day one, Tiana always completed her work and stayed ahead of the game by completing assignments early. In fact, she was one of the few students able to achieve a perfect score on the math STAR test. Academics aside, Tiana is a fun person who has lots of friends both in and out of class. She has a good sense of humor and positive attitude. When the class was just hanging out before school started, I would often talk and joke with the kids. Tiana was always fun and interesting to talk to. One area where I saw her grow a great deal was in sports. She developed into a fearless player out on the soccer field or dodgeball court and would often dominate or "beast" as she would say. Tiana has set very high goals for her future. She plans on becoming a nurse or pharmacist. Although it will be challenging, I have no doubt that she has the ability to make it there. Good luck kiddo!