All about me (:

Hi my name is Tinalynn, I was born on February 11, 1999 at the Marshall Islands, a small island around the Pacific Ocean. I have two older brothers and four little siblings. I came to Earl Warren on the first day of 6th grade and in my opinion this school is the BEST school I've ever came to because in my past grades I was not much of a hard worker which was causing my scores to be on basic or lower. I also didn't hang around with good kids to play along with. But now that I came to Earl Warren my grades became better (proficient and advanced) because I have this wonderful teacher, Mr.Castro. He tried his hardest to help me achieve my goals and get my grades up. On the other hand, I have chosen the right friends to hang out with and they're so cool and they also help me with my school behavior and work. Also whenever it comes to fun stuff my teacher usually lets us play dodgeball on Fridays and it's always fun playing against the other 6th grade class. The other reason I love Earl Warren is because I get a lot of help from many other students and the Sacramento Kings come to Earl Warren. It's always fun because I get to see the break-dancers of the Kings break-dance and I always hang out with my friends at the Earl Warren park. It's fun being here at Earl Warren Elementary School and if I were never at this school, I wouldn't have good grades or have the best teachers and friends here.


Earl Warren Experience (:

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                 On the first day of 6th grade at Earl Warren I was very quiet, nervous, had less attention. I was independent in class or during recess because I wasn't use to being in Mr. Castro's class like some other students because he had them since 4th and 5th grade. I also didn't understand his teaching skills because he had these weird ways also intelligent ways of teaching my fellow classmates. I would always stay quiet, stare off someplace else, and not pay attention to what others have to say when the teacher calls on them. The good thing is that I knew some people because they were from my old school, Elder Creek. I knew Tiana, Eshaya, and Martin because Tiana, Eshaya, and I were at the same school at Elder Creek and Martin and I were in the same class in 5th grade at David Lubin. Every Friday, we do art with Mrs. Castro, our teacher's wife, and I love doing art with her because she has these amazing activities for us to do. One time we made heart baskets for our mother because it was Mother's Day and she helped encouraged us to make a special gift for our mothers. As days gone by of my 6th grade experience at Earl Warren, we had this amazing field trip to Sly Park. It was really fun! I was in the Manzinita's Cabin and my partner was Nina. We had to a lot of hikes- the 5 mile hike, the H3 hike (Hecka Hard Hike), and the hikes we took to the river. The food there was really good, and I got to help out in the kitchen. After we came back from Sly Park, we had a lot of work to do because we had to be prepared for the Star Test. The big moment came and when we got done with the Star test it was like FREEDOM from the days on, although we still had homework. Now we are practicing for the teachers vs. students game (dodgeball and soccer). I hope we win and I should make it last well for my Elementary School Experience at Earl Warren.


                               Hobbies (:

        The hobby that I love to do, take everywhere with me, and have fun doing is singing because singing is my life and it's what I'm best at doing. Everywhere I go I hum or I start singing in my head or out loud. I started singing since I was very young like at 4 and it runs through my family. I have a singing partner at school and his name is Chee, we would always sing at recess or whenever our teacher puts on music, Chee and I are always humming or singing. My 2nd favorite hobby is being athletic, I can play any sport and when I play football or dodgeball I throw like a man! At school I'm known for "Man thrower" because I don't joke when I play sports. The sport that I'm not the best at is soccer because I am very scared when the ball comes to me and I wince when people chase after because I have the ball and I think that they're going to hit my ankle or shove me down. Now my last favorite thing to do is reading. I have read a lot of books and the book that I read the most are Junie B. Jones by Barbara Parks. I read all her books because they are very entertaining. The genres I love to read are mostly about love, humorist, spies, nonfiction, or fictional stories. I have a lot more hobbies or interest in many other things but these are my top three favorite.


                            Goals (:

Middle school: to keep my grades good, choose right friends to hang with, play in one of the sports.

High school: get good grades, do what’s right, choose good friends to hang with, play one of the sports, get my driver’s license, and graduate with a good degree.

After graduating high school: go to college, find a job, and have a great future.

Adult: have a great family, have a good job, and live well.


Teacher's Message (:

                 Tina is one cool person! She actually came to our class for a little while in 5th grade but there was not enough room. Then she returned for 6th grade and I am glad she was able to join our class. As you can see from this cool webpage, Tina is a VERY creative person. She is very talented in many areas. During our art lessons, she would create the most beautiful pieces of art. She is also very musical. Sometimes she would bring her eukele to class and play for us or jam during recess. With these and her love for singing, I can see her becoming a music superstar someday. When she entered the class, she was not working at her fullest potential; however, this soon changed and she made very good progress. In fact, I would rank her as one of the very best writers in the class. Her stories were very well written and engaging to the reader. Finally, Tina was the most athletic female student I have ever taught. I remember going out to the playground one day and the kids were throwing the football around. I started to play and Tina joined in. She then threw a perfect spiral that was right on target. I was amazed! Later I also saw her skill at volleyball, dodgeball, and soccer (where she overcame her fear). I definitely hope she joins lots of sports teams in the future. I really enjoyed Tina's sense of humor, work ethic, and joyful attitude. I see big things in the future for this kid!