All About Me :)

I was born on March 30, 2000 in Sacramento California. I have one brother and two uncles that live with me. Most of my dad’s side is in Sacramento, and my mom’s side is in El Resumidero Michacan. My mom, dad, and brother were born in Mexico. They came to Sacramento because my dad’s dad had papers and he fixed all of them and they got cross to Sacramento. I came to Earl Warren Elementary School since preschool. I had plenty of friends we would play sports and have a lot of fun trying new things. My culture that we celebrate is Mother’s day and December 12 because it is the birthday of Virgin Maria and we wake up at 4:00 in the morning and go to church. They celebrate her birthday, they bring a band, do performances, and clap for her. We would also celebrate Christmas, but it would be because Jesus’s birthday and we would celebrate by using blankets of Jesus and we would sing to him for three minutes without stopping.


My Hobbies


I really like to play soccer. I have been playing since I was three years old. I haven’t stopped since then. What also interests me are horses because my dad has a farm and has a lot of horses, so I got a lot. I ride them and the people next to my dad’s farm has a miniature pony, so he lets us grab it when ever we want to ride it or for my little cousins. I like to play video games such as Fifa 12 and Modern Warfare 3. When I play Fifa, my favorite teams are Manchester City, Mexico, Spain, Cruz Azul, Tigres, and my number one most favorite of all is Barcelona because my favorite soccer player is Messi. I am good at Fifa, I have beaten my cousin who is rough at playing and he got mad. Also, hockey is also my favorite sport. My favorite team is The New York Rangers. I have a shirt of them but, I only wear it when they play. I like to play dodgeball too because it is very fun to play and there are tournaments sometimes happening. I am not so good at it, but I’m working at it more everyday at my house with my uncle. My favorite artists are E-40, Lil Wayne, Drake, Banda Carnival, and at last is Julian Alveraz. Another thing that interests me is Facebook because I get to talk to my cousins from Mexico and with my friends from the past. I like Facebook because I get to play games on it, and play with some of my friends like to invade people's farm.

My Earl Warren Experience

When we went to Sly Park we had night hiking, carnivals, rock climbing, Native American Stand, and art and for the carnival the cabin who had the most tickets would win. Rattlesnakes won the competition and also we had tug-a-war and the Foxes lost against the girls. The Racoons won them all so they won the competition. Another was when we went roller skating at the Lord's Gym; it was so fun that I went all over on the Perfect Attendance Field trip. Another was when we went ice skating to Downtown when they barely opened it, and also Kevin Johnson went to cut the red ribbon. In third grade, we went to San Francisco to the museum with my old teacher named Mrs. Roseberry to explore the museums and to learn of San Francisco. Another was when we went to Power Balance for a field trip. It was so fun because we got to be in the King's Locker room where they interview people, we met Slamson, their cheerleaders, and at last we got to play basketball. Their balls are so heavy. If you bounce it, it won’t bounce high. Last we got to go to the Rivercats game. It was so raining and fun at the same time because we got to be alone and go explore things and I bought a bat and a small baseball and I got them to sign it. The best experience was meeting new friends because my friends we stay cool and at recces we would always play soccer. I went to Earl Warren from preschool. The principal was Mrs. Moua and we would be very good workers and would plant new trees. With Mrs. Olsen we made a community garden to help out and new playground and new things came to Earl Warren.



My achievements were that I got advanced on math and basic on ELA and for school was that I came to school everyday and got an award for coming and an award for perfect homework. Also, when we would go everyday to school, we would go to a field trip. Then, on the trimester awards on math I got Basic on the forth grade and for ELA I got below basic on then for fifth grade I got Proficient on math on then for ELA I got basic and then in sixth grade I got advance on math and basic on ELA so I stayed the same on ELA and on math I jumped up scores and I am trying for math to get 600 and for ELA trying to get advanced. I was studying hard to get my goals true. Also for perfect homework we would just go in class during lunch time and watch a movie or get to play Rock Band and Wii tennis. We would have a competition and would play best out of five to see who will make it to the final. Nelson and I lost against Mr. Castro and Ricardo so they won the finals against us.