My Life

          Hi my name is Vanessa. I was born and live in Sacramento, CA. I was born on October 6, 2000. The hospital I was born in was UC Davis medical hospital. When I was born the doctors gave me a glass baby doll toy and they wrote a book for me. I was baptized, and I am doing my first communion. Hopefully I pass my confirmation because I want to get married in the same orders like: baptism, first communion, confirmation, to help people who are sick, orden sagradado, and to get married. My goal is too finish all of them and I want to be the first one in my family to pass it all. I have two brothers and one older sister their names are Carlo, Alex, and Mayra. I have two nephews and one niece their names are Alex, Aldo, and Melanie.

My Earl Warren Experience

          I learned a lot about my class and about Mr. Castro. My experience is when I went to splash because it was really fun. I also went to Start it is my favorite place to go afterschool. My experience is when I cried because I didn’t want to go to preschool. The people who inspired me were Dr. Inchausti and Mrs. Pam. Dr. Inchausti would tell me to believe in myself and Mrs. Pam was there to greet me. My two achievements were on ELA and math because on ELA I had basic and now I’m proficient and on Math I was below basic and now I’m basic.


          I am interested in dodgeball. My favorite dessert is ice-cream because the flavors are good and I love ice. My favorite animal is a horse because you get to ride them, comb their mane, train them, and you get to care for them the only reason why I like them is because you get to ride them. I like when I get to steer without anyone helping me. When I was little I loved Elmo because of his laugh and I still love him now. My favorite colors are: pink, hot pink, and light pink. The class I have is really nice I love my friends and family. I like to go to indoor soccer games and when the games are over I like to go inside the field and play soccer with my cousins. I sometimes like to dance but not in front of people or friends I don’t know. My favorite thing to do when I’m bored is paint with water colors, paint and color with color crayons. I really like to color with water colors, because you just have to dip the crayon in some water and your art will be perfect. I have a lot of coloring books at home so when I’m done with my homework I just color for fun.



My Goals

        •  When I’m in 7/8 grade I want to get my grades higher
  1.  In high school I want to work at Rite Aid

When I’m an adult I want to be a doctor.


Teacher's Message

          This webpage is a perfect representation of Vanessa'a personality - upbeat and cheerful. She would come to class everyday in a good mood smiling and positive. She had lots of friends and people liked having her in their group. Vanessa is a very kind, thoughtful, and generous person. She would sometimes surprise me with pictures that she drew for my daughter, wife, or me. Vanessa worked hard these past three years to make good progress in math and language arts. In fact, she was the fastest reader in the class with amazing reading fluency scores. Another place she excelled was on the dodgeball court. It sometimes seemed impossible to get her out. She would move so quickly back and forth and would often be the last player in. I remember seeing her win some games by herself because she would manage to stay in long enough for her team to take out the opponent. It was fun having Vanessa in our class. I am proud of her and know she will do well in the future.