Technology Projects This page displays many of the wonderful projects created by Room 14 students. We use inquiry-based learning centered around the Open Court literature units. These were all 100% student-created and represent work from the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. Enjoy!

Room 14's Technology Mission

At Earl Warren, the intermediate classes stay together for three years. We call this "looping" and it allows me to plan out lessons and curriculum over this time. When it comes to technology, my goal in 4th grade is to introduce the kids to some basics and build upon those in 5th and 6th grades. By the time they go to middle school, I want them to be well versed in a variety of different forms of media so that they will be able to build upon this knowledge in the future.

4th Grade "Dollars & $ense" PowerPoint Projects

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Here are examples of our first inquiry project based on the unit "Dollars & $ense". The students researched a business and created a PowerPoint to present to the class. Click on each example below:

- Walmart by Victoria, Vontae, Anson, & Evie
- Costco by Kong, Damion, Ismenia, & Judy
- Bel Air by Patrick, Fernando, & Mariah
- KFC by Daniel, Michael, & Miguel
- McDonald's by Osvaldo, Paulina, & Clemente
- GameStop by Jorge, Ali, & Melvin
- AmPm by Alyssa, Sharon, & Johnny

4th Grade Writing: "The Day I Shrunk"

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A student asked if we could transform a writing assignment into a PowerPoint to share with the class. We tried it out and enjoyed it!

Ali, Alyssa, Anson, Clemente, Daniel, Evie, Ismenia, Johnny, Jorge, Judy, Mariah, Miguel, Osvaldo, Patrick, Victoria, Viet, & Vontae

4th Grade "Communication" Video Commercials

For the summer after 4th grade, our class wanted to do something fun and different, so I decided that we should make video commercials. These were based on the Open Court "Communication" reading unit, which we studied during summer school. The goal of the assignment was to work in small groups to develop a product to sell and produce a creative video commericial to present to the class. Students planned, shot, and edited the video on their own using Microsoft Movie Maker.

5th Grade "Heritage" Inquiry Projects

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We always enjoy learning more about the different cultures present in our class. In this unit, students researched their own personal heritage by interviewing their family members. Many included scanned photographs and interesting histories of their families. Take some time to learn more about these students.

Ali, Anson, Caroline, Clemente, Daniel, Evie, Ismenia, Johnny, Jorge, Judy, Kristal, Sharon, & Victoria

5th Grade "Making a New Nation " Inquiry Projects

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For this project, I instructed the students to put less factual information on the PowerPoint slides. I wanted them to use their speaking skills to present the information to the class.

- Pearl Harbor by Patrick & Osvaldo
- Boston Tea Party by Ismenia & Judy
- The U.S.A. Flag by Jorge & Anson
- Lewis & Clark by Victoria & Sharon
- John F. Kennedy by Caroline & Viet
- Martin Luther King Jr. by Kong & Evie
- Abraham Lincoln by Darlene & Megan
- George Washington by Kristal & Mariah
- Mexican-American War by Daniel & Miguel
- Revolutionary War by Clemente & Johnny
- John Adams by Mark & Ali
- Civil War by Kyri & Angel
- Benjamin Franklin by David & Vontae
- Thomas Jefferson by Alyssa

5th Grade "Going West " Photo Stories

For the 5th grade "Going West" unit, our class tried something new. I thought it would be fun to create photo stories based on the unit selections. Students chose a story, summarized the main events, illustrated these events, and edited it using Microsoft Photo Story. The students even recorded their own voices to narrate it. Finally, each group presented their projects to the class. I was VERY impressed with these. Great job!

6th Grade Personal Webpages

For this project, I wanted students to be able to create something more personal. I had just created our class website and decided that it would be great for each student to add his or her own page. We did not have very much time left in the school year, so we learned a little about web design, found some great templates, and were on our way. The finished pages were outstanding! See them for yourself

- Class of 2009 Student Pages

- Class of 2012 Student Pages

6th Grade "Taking A Stand " Dramatic Plays

We decided to bring Hollywood to Room 14! The students had to write a script, create backgrounds using PowerPoint, find sound effects, memorize their lines, and act it out in front of our class. All of the plays centered around the theme of "Taking A Stand". They were very entertaining to say the least. It was fun to see the students get into this project.